Debunking the Myth: Is ReadersMagnet a Scam?

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Is ReadersMagnet a scam and not a legit company? Let’s take a closer look at the company whose existence has affected the lives of self-published and relatively unknown authors who only want to share their stories with the world.

For almost two years now, authors Khristina Chess and Christopher Schmitz have been spearheading the campaign to tag self-publishing company ReadersMagnet as a big scam. While the issues pointed out in their respective blogs may have been true, these issues have been long dealt with properly by the company. The constant updating of the blogs and solely for the purpose of maligning ReadersMagnet and its effort to provide quality publishing and book marketing services is most distasteful.

Some of the published books by ReadersMagnet

A Legitimate Business

First things first, ReadersMagnet is a legitimate business that maintains an office at 10620 Treena Street, Suite 230, San Diego, California, USA. Its operations started in 2017, first as a book marketing services provider, and later providing publishing services for authors all across the United States. Furthermore, ReadersMagnet is a business listed in various business listings online. Since July of 2018, ReadersMagnet is Better Business Bureau accredited. It holds a BBB rating of A, which is the second-highest rating on the BBB scale. It also has an active LinkedIn account. LinkedIn is a network of professionals and legitimate companies.

Partnerships with Legitimate Institutions

Since its establishment, Readersmagnet has partnered with legitimate businesses to ensure that all the services they are offering yield the desired results. Publisher’s Weekly is one of ReadersMagnet’s oldest partners. Kirkus Review, Foreword Clarion, and BlueInk Book Review are third-party review companies that have an active partnership with ReadersMagnet.

For most of its events, ReadersMagnet partners with the Combined Book Exhibit (CBE). Some of these national and international book fairs include the following:

  • American Library Association
  • Public Library Association
  • Bolognia Children’s Book Fair
  • BookExpo New Title Showcase
  • Sharjah International Book Fair
  • Beijing International Book Fair
  • Frankfurt International Book Fair
  • Guadalajara International Book Fair

Outside CBE, ReadersMagnet participated in other prestigious book events such as the 2018 Miami Book Fair International and the 24th Los Angeles Times Festival of Books held early this year.

Partnerships with Reputable Individuals

One of ReadersMagnet’s prominent marketing services is the radio book interview. This service package gives our authors the opportunity to be interviewed by reputable radio hosts in their respective radio programs.

Last year, we began our partnership with veteran media personality and radio icon Ric Bratton. Through his radio show This Week in America with Ric Bratton, we were able to showcase numerous authors who were able to market their brand across America’s airwaves.

This year is another exciting year for radio interviews. Recently, ReadersMagnet teamed up with award-winning National broadcast personality, Kate Delaney. She is a host for the show America Tonight Radio. Kate Delaney has over 16,000 interviews in her 20 years of radio and television career. What makes having Kate Delaney is the fact that she is also an author. Delaney’s book Level the Playing Field is an Amazon best-seller.

ReadersMagnet’s very own Authors’ Lounge

Early this year, ReadersMagnet launched two microsites, and features Author of the Week, Book of the Week, and Authors’ Lounge. The first of its kind from any self-publishing company, Authors’ Lounge became a community for authors to register their own voices by giving them the opportunity to publish their articles, blogs, and other materials with the hope that it can reach more audiences online. To say that ReadersMagnet is a scam is to say that the Authors’ Lounge is also a scam. And that is in itself is considered an insult to all the authors registered on-site.

Testimonies and Positive Customer Reviews

When it comes to proving ReadersMagnet’s legitimacy, nothing is more important than the numerous customer reviews posted in relevant and reputable review sites such as the Trustpilot and

If you want to truly see how ReadersMagnet is helping aspiring authors reach their publishing dreams and marketing goals, you need not look further than these sites that carry Readersmagnet’s legitimacy online. ReadersMagnet being a scam is a myth that Khristina Chess and the rest want to regurgitate for the sake of undermining ReadersMagnet’s achievements and principles the company holds dear.

Review sites:

Social media

Press releases


  1. Nicki Geigert

    I have published 2 books with Reader’s Magnet. I was leary at first, but they have proven to be dedicated to getting my name and my books out into the public eye. They have done everything that they have said that they would do for me. My first book was with one of the top publishing houses in the US and although the book sold 10,000 copies, I got pretty much nothing. By self-publishing with Reader’s Magnet, It has cost me several thousand dollars, but I am also getting much higher royalties than with Gryphon House publishing, and have already surpassed sales amounts with Reader’s Magnet than with Gryphon House. Check out what Reader’s Magnet has done for me in publicity. Nicki Geigert

    • Mala Naidoo

      It has been a privilege and pleasure to be invited to contribute a post. The professionalism, speed, and smooth transition of the process is commendable.

  2. Nicki Geigert

    Readers Magnet is a valid self-publishing house. It is not a scam company. They have published 2 of my books. Nicki Geigert.

    • Jinan Samman

      I was contacted by Elizabeth Schultz from Readers Magnet and was offered the opportunity to publish an article about my new self- published children’s book on Author’s Lounge, free on charge. I was happy that they reached out to me, as i’m sure all new authors must be when someone is interested in their story, the process was very smooth and Elizabeth was very supportive, I was never asked for money in return or scammed in any way or form.

  3. Marvin Schrebe

    I was a little leary of Reader’s Magnet at first but they have long since calmed any fears I had. Those who do malign them are individuals who think publishing a book makes you an instant millionaire. Publishing is the easy part. Sales come through hard work. Reader’s Magnet has never promised me sales. They have promised me only to publish my book and they kept that promise.

  4. Eleanor Gaccetta

    My first book was not published by ReadersMagnet and they offer no services after publishing. ReadersMagnet has collaborated with me on marketing and branding. I am grateful for the assistance of my two consultants. They provide valuable information and follow through on projects. Their fulfillment staff ensures products are of a high quality – customer service is at the core of this entity. They recently published my second book and the quality of the finished product and guidance of the staff has been a great experience. Currently I am in the Web Optimization Program and my webpage (which they designed) has been viewed internationally giving exposure to both my books and blogs. Super people, super company.

  5. Joanne Easley

    Readers Magnet published my article in the Author’s Lounge about my writing and the two books I published elsewhere. They were easy to work with, did what they said they would. There was no cost to me for this and I appreciate what they do for authors.

    • Michael Patrick

      As an independent author with self-published books on Amazon, it’s sometimes difficult to advertise and find ways to reach out to readers. I was helped out by Elizabeth Schultz from ReadersMagnet, who helped me publish an article about the wonderful and strong women in my life, who are the inspiration for my works. I’m truly appreciative of the help and the opportunity she gave me. ReadersMagnet has honestly been wonderful and I’d love to work with them in the future on my next release.

  6. Author Julie MacDonald

    Hi, I was contacted by Readers Magnet with an offer to publish an article about one of my books for free. I have found them to be honest and very helpful. Elizabeth Schultz has gone out of her way to help me. She has answered all my questions promptly and offered additional support to me. I would highly recommend the services she offers. there were no hidden costs and as promised they published my article. I myself appreciate their help and I am sure many other authors feel the same way.

  7. P.L. Stuart

    I see no apparent issues with Readers Magnet in terms of being reputable. I never published with them, never had any business dealings with them until one of their members who was a mutual Twitter follow reached out to me (Elizabeth Schultz), and asked if I would be interested in – free of charge – being featured in their Author’s Lounge. Author’s Lounge seems to be a great spotlight where writer’s can showcase themselves. Elizabeth has been fantastic to me, and very supportive. I have experienced nothing but professionalism, kindness, and courtesy thus far from Elizabeth and Readers Magnet.

  8. Alexandra Antipa

    I had a pleasant experience with Readers Magnet, they have been very supportive and never asked for anything in return. As an indie author, I welcomed the opportunity to be featured in their Authors’ Lounge, a proposal which was made free-of-charge. This kind of support can make all the difference!

  9. R Frost

    I’ve had absolutely no problems working with this company. They are easy to work with and delivered what they promised.

    • Stuart Knott

      One of the hardest things about self-publishing is advertising and getting your product out there for people to see.

      I’ve been inundated with offers from self-styled editors and proofreaders to help market my book and all of them we unconvincing or wanted to charge me.

      Readersmagnet, though, offered me the chance to write an article for their Author’s Lounge page to highlight my work and my author journey. They didn’t ask for money and were very polite and helpful so I’m very happy with that service.

  10. Alan

    My experience with Readers Magnet has been very positive. They approached me offering me an opportunity to write a guest blog, which I did. The process was very smooth, transparent and professional.

  11. Paul Hollis

    As an indie author it’s important to work with companies who are fast, efficient, and sensitive to your needs. ReadersMagnet is such a company. They are very knowledgeable, helpful, and professional about the book business. Elizabeth Schultz is passionate about quality products and it shows in her dedication to customer service. As an added bonus, I found their online tools to be easy and intuitive.

  12. Mea Sheridan

    My experience with Readers Magnet has been a positive one. Elizabeth Schultz had contacted me about publishing an article in their Author’s Lounge about my book, and I was delighted. She was kind, professional, and ready to answer any questions I had. I was able to share a bit about my work, and it didn’t cost me a thing. I’m so glad they reached out to me.

  13. Andrew Green

    I am an Indie author with two self-published works released. Elizabeth Schultz from Reader’s Magnet invited me to write an article introducing my books and me on their Author’s Lounge. I duly obliged and it was simple and easy to submit my post. It was reviewed and released within two/three days and it probably would have been quicker but for the fact it was Easter. They never once pressed me to use any other service and provided this opportunity to introduce my books free. I really appreciate the opportunity they provided me.

  14. Frank J Musumici

    Thank you Elizabeth Schultz & ReadersMagnet for making the effort to help authors that are unknown and without representation. Allowing us to participate in the “Author’s Lounge” is a brilliant promotional tool especially when it is free.

    Attention all authors including those fall that into my category of being unknown and having no agent rest assured that there is someone and an organization fighting to get you and your work recognized. So if you are asked by Ms. Schultz and/or ReadersMagnet to participate in the “Authors Lounge” don’t hesitate, trust me it’s not only a legitimate opportunity but a chance to become part of their community.

  15. Vicki S

    Elizabeth reached out to me when she saw my various posts promoting my first self-published book. I was a little hesitant because most companies always ask for payment at some point, especially when it comes to marketing, but this company was honest, helpful, and completely free. They posted my article regarding my book promptly and we’re very professional and easy to reach!


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