Paranormal Horror: Anthology 1, by R.J. Frost

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My book Paranormal Horror: Anthology 1 is a group of 7 short horror stories based around the theme of paranormal horror. There is a good mix of different types of horror mixed in, from ghosts to UFO’s and strange beings that are completely out of this world and out of our sphere of experience. My hope is that any reader who is interested in the paranormal or the genre of horror can find something here that interests them and gives them a chill down the spine.

I was inspired to write this book by my love of writing and the paranormal. For many years I have been a self published author of short stories and decided what better subject to write about than one I am passionate about? I’ve always been fascinated by the paranormal, starting with ghosts as a child and more recently growing to love cryptids and the UFO phenomena. With my growing interest it seemed like a good subject to write about that would hold both my interest and that of my readers. I have adored making my own short paranormal stories in the vein of supposedly real encounters I have read about. If I’m not writing then I’m reading about the paranormal!

The target audience for my book is any age group from YA upwards and is for any fan of the paranormal or the horror genre. I hope that my book can appeal to a wide audience from a variety of backgrounds.

I’m hoping that readers will get many things out of reading my book. Entertainment is the first thing of course but I’d love it if my book could really put a shiver down the spine of my readers, It would be wonderful if my book could inspire readers to check out paranormal incidents for themselves or just widen their horizons with a new favourite short horror story.

My future plans for the book is that it will continue to have pages read through the Kindle Unlimited service and sell more copies. The more people that read my book, the happier I am, I love getting my work out there and finding an audience that appreciates it. I’m hoping that this book will be just the beginning of a whole series of Paranormal Horror anthologies and I am currently working on the second.

I’m an author in their early 30’s who has been publishing short stories since 2015. I’m active on Twitter and offer commissions for a variety of writing related tasks through the website Fiverr including beta reading and ghost writing services for other authors. You can find the links to that through my Twitter. In my spare time I love to read about the paranormal, perform my own paranormal investigations and I am currently working with a local horse and pony rescue charity.




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