A Dream Deferred: An Impromptu Poet

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First, I would like to thank Readers Magnet for giving me an opportunity to submit my story to their Author’s Lounge. Like so many writers, it took me a while to actually consider myself a writer. When most people think of a writer, they probably think about someone who is wracking in tons of money and publicity. I used to be one of those people, so I restrained myself from the title to not exaggerate my situation. So, my dream as a writer was deferred for many years.

I wrote short stories as a tween around 11 or 12. During my late teen years, I quit writing to focus on the daunting task of becoming a proper adult who worked a “normal” job. As a young adult, I expanded to writing in a journal. I’ve always found it so much easier to express myself through writing. Also, I noticed that I spent extra time on special writing assignments during college that could showcase my overactive imagination. At work, writing tasks were like imaginary author resumes for me. I always made sure I edited my work, just in case a manager was secretly an English major. Although, that never was the case.

During my adult years of working hard to fit a round circle into a square peg, I realized that writing was my real deal passion. I wanted to write stories again, but I was burnt out from writing assignments related to scientific theories and scholarly journals. During a short stint as a budding social worker, I started to think about my many writing inspirations as a child then, later, as an adult. I started voraciously reading to gather inspiration from a new generation of writers, preferably romance writers.

The funny thing about life is that you always evolve, and you seldom end up where you were propelled. My writing style began to expand in a vulnerable way. For the first time, I was writing about emotions and feelings, something I hadn’t anticipated. I had an epiphany to write poetry. I always loved poetry and how an author could take words and turn them into magical worlds or the most beautiful love story ever written. I decided to play with words. I would write about love in between classes or work and imagine myself in multiple scenarios where love was like art, and I was the painter.

After writing what I thought was an adequate amount of poems for a book, I decided to title my book and research editing and publishing. I decided to go full throttle with my book and self-publish with Amazon. I accidentally launched my book prematurely; that’s how much of a novice I was! I still have a lot to learn. Lunch Break Poetry: A Book of Abstract Poems is, in a sense, my third baby. As a wife and mother of two young adult men, it took a lot of effort to pour my heart and soul into something other than my family. The target audience for my poetry is anyone who loves to look beyond traditional theories and concepts. I decided to write my poetry abstractly to cause the reader to look beyond the words and interpret deeper meanings depending on how they look at my words. My poems range from art, love, music, and nature. I hope readers don’t skim through but really indulge in my words. I want my poetry to linger in your mind and cause you to want to create something. I want you to love, write, think, or maybe even paint whatever you imagine!

As a published author, I look forward to so many more amazing writing projects. I am currently working on a Sci-Fi novel, and I also plan to publish another poetry book. Nowadays, I am focused on enjoying life while setting goals aligned with my passion and talents. My advice to other writers is to not only focus on the timing of your writing projects but also focus on the joy of writing and expression. I suggest getting help and doing a lot of research. Writing, like art, is timeless. If you keep making your dreams a priority through determined effort, you will eventually reach your goals.


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