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Poetry and mathematics have much in common. They both traverse the abstraction ladder, up and down.  Picture a long ladder leaning against a house, prongs dug into the lawn, top rung on the roof. Call it the abstraction ladder that pets and mathematicians scamper on...

My Best Practices in Writing Fiction | Evelyn Cole

Copy Writing is a different story, but both must begin with a promise to fill readers’ needs: new gadgets,  clothes, information,  ideas, or  laughs and sweet tears. Poets must be much more subtle than copy writers by using specific scenes or metaphors to engage...

Author of the Week | Elling Halvorson

About the Author ReadersMagnet is proud to present Detours to Destiny: A Memoir, a book written by Elling Halvorson, known as the Living Legend of Aviation, and the brains behind the Grand Canyon Tours. Detours to Destiny: A Memoir is a moving, riveting and poignant...

Sauer to sign copy of book June 12 at CUMC

Thank you Author’s Lounge for giving me this opportunity to invite the readers to go to my Book Signing of my Readersmagnet published book, Brightly the Grounded Angel at Columbia Methodist Church this coming June 12, 2019! Please see the transcribed text from THE...

Why I write by Lydia Greico

A few questions were asked of me the other day as to what prompted me to become an author, what to say to new upcoming authors and how do you keep yourself on track.


ReadersMagnet Authors’ blog is for the promotion of our authors and their brand. Its scope will include ‘Author of the Day’, Book Quotes, Brief Book Review and other features that will increase author publicity.

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It was in 1964, John Strangi, age eleven was to visit New York City for the first time. His Father, Albert, would treat him to an entire week in the Big Apple, taking him to the New York Worlds Fair. He was to fall in love with the City instantly and swore to himself that he would one day make New York City his home. Its magic energy would totally captive him.

The first Broadway show he would see would be in 1967 when he and his brother Albert were in NYC for a few days. They would see Hello Dolly starring Betty Grable. The evening was magical! The magic he felt in NYC three years earlier is as stronger as ever.


John Strangi with Julie imageHis love for the theater came alive in high school. The smell of grease paint would capture him, landing him roles in The King and I, Wait Until Dark, Plaza Suite, and My Fair Lady. Starring as Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady was a dream come true.

In New York City, he will study acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, the HB Studio in Greenwich Village, and from Emma Walton and Stephen Hamilton at the Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor.

His dream of making it on Broadway was not to be, but he did work quite a bit in television and movies making him a lifelong member of SAG/AFTRA.

Simply living day to day in New York City, made John feel like a star.

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