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ReadersMagnet Authors’ Lounge is a place where authors can share their voice with the world. Be inspired by their stories and share your own stories as well.

Authors’ Blog

Gossip From Grannys Porch by Georgiana Staton

Welcome to this Author’s Lounge Club. First, I’d like to thank this Author’s Lounge Club for promoting my book “Gossip From Grannys Porch. This book has been hidden in my heart for many years.

Best Writing Practices by Jim Bates

The ways that I practice my best writing are many, like anything the more you practice the better you will get at it. I find that it is important to write about things that are meaningful to me or interest me the most, although it is good to challenge myself with...

Book of the Week: Real Cash by Robert Domico

Real Cash is a self-help book offering various ways a person can create profit. The book is composed of 61 chapters, with each chapter discussing a particular target.

Leith Lyman Cunningham Book

“Thank you, Authors’ Lounge, for featuring my article”. “My Salvation is Certain, so is Yours”. This book peels back the layers of the false teachings of a counterfeit Christian church all around the world, numbering in the multiple thousands. Then splinter groups...

The Nanny of Keck Park by Mary Catherine Rishcoff

In the Authors’ Lounge of ReadersMagnet Publishing, “the Nanny of Keck Park” is described as a voluptuous, gray-haired, twinkling-eyed woman. She visits Keck Park to do charitable deeds.

The Forgettable Through Jeremiah by Kathy E. Dockett

The Forgettable Through Jeremiah takes a look at how Christ wants to forgive our sins. It is told ad in relation to the book of Jeremiah of how the Israelites were sinning against God. This is what this world today is partaking of. Getting ourselves together for God’s Kingdom takes courage and a willing mind. But we can with His loving hands guiding us.

The #Metoo Experience | Surtsey

THE #METOO EXPERIENCE The ambient noise subsides. I slowly raise my glass to lips and retreat into my own mind. When you’re at a low, planning your own pity party, there’s a point when you pause, dwell for a time, fixated on how you got into this mess, which particular fork in life’s road you took to end up in this mire.


ReadersMagnet Authors’ blog is for the promotion of our authors and their brand. Its scope will include ‘Author of the Day’, Book Quotes, Brief Book Review and other features that will increase author publicity.

Author of the Week

About the Author

Growing up in a little town in the province of Newfoundland, Canada, Lisa was a shy, quiet girl with a small network of friends.

Averaging good grades throughout school, she dreamed of writing novels but never pursued it.

Upon graduating from high school, she went on to complete the Licenced Practical Nursing program and began to work as an LPN since 1990.

Lisa enjoys the outdoors, spending time with family and friends and is involved with women’s ministries at her local church.

With the horrific topic of sex trafficking playing heavily on her mind over the past several years, the desire to make aware of what these victims have to endure prompted her to take a chance and write about the subject. With God’s help and inspiration, she has completed the book, Snatched from Innocence.

Choosing to write about something that most first-time authors would not event discuss, Lisa George is not only an ambitious writer. Above anything else, Lisa George is an honest, brave and serious author. For these reasons, she deserves to be ReadersMagnet’s Author of the Week.

Book cover for snatched from innocense

About the Book

Snatched from Innocence is the product of Lisa George’s years of research and passionate desire to tell a narrative that she feels strongly about. What started as simple dream of just writing a book, Lisa George finally choose to write about sex trafficking. Snatched from Innocence is more than just a thrilling story of an abducted 12-year old girl. The novel speaks of a reality we often ignore and conveniently leave the discussion to social work institutions and issue-based organization. Snatched from the Book is a brave undertaking by Lisa George. Despite its grim reality, the book also showed hope and courage. Lisa George’s Snatched from Innocence is both haunting and healing, to say the least.


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