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“She Let God Write Her Story” by Yelena Borichevska tells the story of Lena, a young girl who moved from Ukraine to the United States shortly after 9/11. This is a story of how her desire to please God and choose His will for her life put her through trials and challenges of life.

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Level 2 Winner


Gabriella Eva Nagy’s “Twinkling Stars” is a sweet, gentle, lyrical lullaby reflecting on the natural beauty surrounding everyone. Her book’s text is brought to life through the book’s vivid visuals. It’s as if Gabriella can take readers back to a period when everything around them was a wonder to behold.

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Level 1 Winner


A pioneer of today’s PET industry, founder Plastic Technologies, Inc. (PTI) and six other packaging-related companies, and receiver of patents on PET and packaging. His book, History of the PET Bottle, explores the history of the PET container industry.

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Level 3 Winner

Russell Marlett

“Commentaries on the Book of Wisdom” presents its life-affirming truths in easy-to-read and understand eight-line verses followed by short commentaries that expand on them.

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Level 2 Winner


Author of the Evangel trilogy series and trailblazer in
the work of bringing holiness, godliness, and
righteousness back into the Church.

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Level 1 Winner


Anthony Toomer combines poetry and storytelling to deliver free verses that speak to the heart of love. faith and community. His first volume of poems. A Poetic Spanking, abounds with uplifting and provoking free verses that explore spirituality and social issue, encouraging the reader to build a lasting relationship with God and stand up for the community

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Confirm the time zone of your interview. Take your interviewer’s time zone into consideration when scheduling your online interview.

Choose a location. Find a spot with no distractions of sights or choose a neutral background like a blank wall. If a blank wall isn’t an option, try to manipulate your background to look like a more professional setting, like an organized office.

Create good lighting. Have two lights – one slightly to your left and the other slightly to your right – positioned in front of you. It’s better if one of these is a window but table lamps will do fine.

Figure out which device will work best. Use the device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop, with the most reliable technology (internet connection plus camera) and one you’re more comfortable with.

Do a test run. Run a trial interview with a friend to test the video conferencing app, lighting setup, sound, and internet connection to ensure everything works fine.

Do your own research. Observe other online interviews facilitated by your interviewer in the past. Get a glimpse of how the program flows and internalize the tone and vibe of other segments.

Send information about yourself and your book. Make sure to send your publicity kit to your interviewer or their representative. You may also want to check this with your Author Relations Officer (ARO).

What to do before the interview:

Wear a comfortable and presentable outfit. Dress professionally as this will not only make a good impression but also boost your confidence and improve your focus.
Eliminate distractions. Make sure your interview environment, as well as your computer screen, is free from distraction and interruption.
Set up your space. Prepare the area around where you’ll be sitting for your online interview. Make sure you have a glass of water, some paper and a pen for note-taking, and cheat sheets.
Log on at least 15 minutes early. Logging on at least 15 minutes early will give you the chance to make sure everything is working as it should one last time.

What to do during the interview:

Be mindful of your body language. Maintain good body posture. Sit properly and comfortably. Maintain natural, attentive eye contact. Smile often.
Try not to market yourself too much. The audience obviously doesn’t want to hear your sales pitch. Instead of constantly pushing your brand or cause, find a way to strategically bind your call-to-action to your responses.
Develop rapport with the audience and the interviewer. Answer the questions the best you can without straying off-topic. Maintain eye contact.
Relax and enjoy. Remember to relax and enjoy the whole experience.

What to do after the interview:

Thank your interviewer. Thank your interviewer and the audience for taking the time to interview you and having you in the program.
Embed your recorded video on your website. Embed the YouTube video of your interview on your website.
Share on social networks. Make sure to share the YouTube link to your interview on your favorite social networks. Encourage your family, friends, and followers to like and share your interview video.
Create a blog or social media post. Write a blog article or social media post about your thoughts on the interview.
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