The Morhudrim Cycle a Fantasy Series by A D Green

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Being a writer is easier than being read. I would like to thank “Authors’ Lounge” for allowing me a platform to talk about and showcase my books. They provide invaluable support for Independent authors. 

I am a writer of epic fantasy. ‘Rivers Run Red’ and ‘Shadows Fall’ are the first two books in The Morhudrim Cycle with book three ‘Darkness Resides’ underway.

Like all good stories, I will start at the beginning. I first penned my tale as an exercise whilst stuck on a job in Estonia. I was in the middle of nowhere and with nothing better to do I decided to take up the challenge my son had set me many months before. The challenge, To stop procrastinating and write just one scene, one chapter. So I did, without any thought of what should follow I wrote Nihm’s hunting scene. I never looked back.

I have informed the story but it has very much been a natural process that feels as if it writes itself. Why was Nihm hunting? who was she? Where was she? From that germ of an idea, I built a whole world and populated it with a diverse cast of characters and strange races. From the Neanderthal-like urakakule to the mythical ilfanum, creatures of the forest with leaf-scale skin serving the unknowable Da’Mari. This though is a story primarily about humanity who live in a feudal, medieval-esc world who find they are suddenly not the masters of the land they supposed themselves to be.

The magic in my world is the energy that binds all things and magic wielders manipulators of it. I wanted a magic system that felt natural and logical the more you came to understand it, but also one that did not dominate the story. I also wanted to add a hint of science-fiction. Something futuristic that was not of this world that would have a subtle impact on events.

The events that unfold throughout the series also hold a hidden message, a parable that will be fully manifest by the end of our journey. That will, I hope, make readers pause in reflection and nod their heads sagely.

I love character-driven stories and The Morhudrim Cycle has a large and eclectic cast but one in which several protagonists are more heavily focused upon. The books are full of action. The fight scenes are visceral and brutal at times and yes characters die when they shouldn’t. Good people do bad things and bad people do good. Some aren’t who they thought they were and others fall so far that picking themselves up and redeeming themselves seems impossible. 

My tale is a journey for all the creatures that inhabit my pages but also I would like to think for the readers.

My books are available on Amazon and free to Kindle Unlimited members. The Amazon US links to my books are:

Rivers Run Red – Book One

Shadows Fall – Book Two 

If you’d like to know more you can check out all my books, release updates and book reviews on my website You can even sign up and get my blog posts delivered to your inbox. (No more than 1 or 2 a month I promise). You can even contact me with feedback or questions and I will answer.

I’m sorry to say I have used all my links up but you can also find me on Twitter (adgreenauthor) on Facebook and Instagram (adgreentheauthor).

If you have made it this far, thank you and happy reading.  

Andrew D Green 


  1. Trish Sanders

    Really enjoying the twists and turns in these books. Have just finished the second book, Shadows Fall. A real ‘cliffhanger’ so can hardly wait for final book!

    • Andrew Green

      Thank you so much. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment and so pleased you enjoyed my books.

    • Andrew Green

      Thanks so much. It is great to hear from you and that you enjoyed my books.

  2. JM Bernaldez

    I’ve read both books and they were epic! I’m glad I get to meet you and your characters, especially Nihm, my favorite.

    Keep writing and know that I am looking forward to book 3.

    • Andrew Green

      You are so kind, I am really pleased you enjoyed my books, Book 3 will be even better but alas whilst the writing is progressing well it will probably not be ready for release until 2022.


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