Vibrant Byes by Adam Laws

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Having started my writing journey at the age of 14, (which is going back 18 years ago now), poetry was the first medium I explored before developing an interest in script writing once I reached the age of 19. I returned to poetry in late 2018 when I put together my first collection – “MORGUE.” Since then, I have continued to self-publish several other collections, one of which is the one I’ll be discussing here…

Containing 20 poems, the premise of “VIBRANT BYES” as a whole somewhat acts as a sort of sword and shield for my own character battling my own share of demons which is also met with the traits of certain others and the scenarios I have found myself caught up in whereby I, among others I have known, have become a victim of deceit, failed romance, and overall simply losing a sense of self-worth and having a loss of faith, along with feelings of inadequacy that continue to chase us time and time again throughout our lives.

Each poem is followed by a drawing of a person, which I myself drew and decided would give each narrative poem that bit more character, depth, and expression to it and would potentially create another level of story shaping throughout… it would give a face to each piece to convey and depict each poem as I saw fit – as though the book is in fact a narrative of 20 faces that appear wearisome and jaded, and in one or two parts a little smug, and self-assured.

Having had my share of troubles and doubts from time to time, as we all do, I felt “VIBRANT BYES” was a suitable way to construct such poetic narrative over something very human, and at the same time, feelings that may cause a sense of us feeling alienated – but this book aims to piece together and indeed bring together readers from all walks of life because I believe we have all been through the same thing to some degree, on varying levels.

The title came to mind with me thinking of a way to address putting the past behind us, but in such a way – I felt the word “VIBRANT” described this way of bidding farewell to dilemma and grievances in a heavy and thorough way, making that farewell shine to some extent. And as the cover displays (designed by a good friend of mine – Sarah Walker), the sun is setting as though a new day is in place, but with a contrast in that it may be difficult to turn our backs on the past and follow through with our journey.

As this book overall conveys human nature, it can relate to anyone of any age and background, wherever life leads us – which often can lead us astray. I feel the aim of the book is to shed some fresh perspective and light through pushing through those darker times where it did seem the light was fading out.

I understand poetry is a tough sell, it can make for a tough read in fact – trying to get your head around certain aspects. My style of writing aims to address this in a reader, to instil a broader understanding by using a more profound style and narrative. I do hope in time my book, along with other works I have written will be considered by a larger audience which could possibly achieve a greater level of understanding between the words and the readers, and hence each other.

I’d like to thank “Authors’ Lounge” for contacting me to discuss “VIBRANT BYES” in further detail. Thank you for taking the time to read this article – I wish you all the very best!

VIBRANT BYES” as well as my other works can be found on “Amazon” in both Kindle and Paperback format! I can also be found on “Twitter” should you wish to follow me!

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