Tiny Polly: The story of a brave chicken, by Jinan Samman

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What is your book all about?

“Tiny Polly: The story of a brave chicken” is a small book that introduces big topics early on to young readers: the search for acceptance, the impact of kindness and empathy on others and the importance of life’s diversity.

Set on a small farm, the book follows Polly, the tiny chicken, as she experiences bullying by her peers, tries to change in hopes of fitting in, and finally realizes what truly matters in one’s journey through life.

What inspired you to write the book?

As a child myself, I loved nothing more than to read, and I read everything I could get my hands on, from books and magazines to newspapers and even shop signs. In fact, some of my earliest memories are of piles of magazines that I devoured, stacked up on my bedroom floor, and of happy trips to the nearby bookstore.

As an adult, I taught Biology for over a decade and dealt with children of all ages, some of which attended my classes for 4 years straight, so I witnessed their academic as well as their personal growth up close, and was convinced that influencing change in those with bad behavior, although possible at any stage, was most successful when the child was still young.

It was at that time in my career that the idea of writing a children’s book first came to mind, I envisioned a book that combined the importance of Biodiversity and Empathy, but it was not until many years later that real life events at my daughter’s school provoked me into finally taking action, and hence “Tiny Polly” was born.

What is your target audience for the book?

The target audience is children aged 4 to 7 years old, but I have also received feedback that it makes a good bedtime story for kids as young as 2!

What do you hope readers could get out from your book?

I hope it influences the way readers perceive “the other” as well as themselves within the grand scheme of things, that it sparks conversations about the critical topics of bullying, tolerance and accepting diversity, that it improves their emotional well-being and interactions within society as they grow older, so that they contribute to a better unified empathic world.

What are your future goals/plans for the book?

My goal for this book is quite simple and still very challenging, I would like “Tiny Polly” to reach every child, nursery and school that needs it.

Jinan Samman

Something more about myself:

I was born in Tripoli, Lebanon and currently live in Athens Greece with my daughter and husband.
After completing a BS in Biology and a BA in English literature, I had a fulfilling career as a Biology teacher and coordinator that extended over ten years at an International school, before changing career paths to become a creative copywriter and translator.

There is nothing I find more exciting than turning an idea into a concrete and useful product with hard work, I am also a big fan of DIY, so much so that in my free time, you will most probably find me building something or planning to! I enjoy travelling, making chocolate art (and eating it!) and spending time with my family and friends.

Finally, I am thankful to Authors’ Lounge for giving me the opportunity to share my story with you, and I would be happy to connect with readers and fellow authors, you can find me on LinkedIn, Goodreads and Twitter: @Jinan_samman

“Tiny Polly: The story of a brave chicken” is now available to order on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other bookstores.

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