Mumblings of a Fool by Momus Najmi

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‘Mumbling of a Fool’ is a collection of poems written over a decade. It is a collection of free form poetry and does not follow any specific traditional structure or theme. The diverse topics include poems on social commentary, love & lost love, self-reflection, peace & hope, anti-war & violence, secular humanism and the cognitive depths of a human mind. The poems are not grouped into individual subjects however each poem is denoted by one or more symbol to represent its contextual topic.

I wrote these poems as a collection of my many thoughts on social issues and human nature. And in the course of time, I will be using themes from within this collection to explore the various topics for my novels. And I hope these poems would be an interest to any free thinkers out there. Anyone who is not afraid to let their mind wander to the furthest corners of consciousness secure in the knowledge that it can be recalled at any time. Anyone who does not pre-suppose their existence and is willing to explore it before coming to any determination. This is the way I choose to function, and I hope whoever reads it can get some sense of it and the honesty of my musings.

I intend to write another collection like this, probably after another lengthy period. I know I call them poems, but I do not follow any classical structures, and, in a way, these are just thoughts put together. I find a unique freedom within it. My primary focus of writing comes from telling stories, much alike my debut novel, The Silent Betrayal. At the moment, I am working on a novella with the working title of, Insan, which means human in English. Hopefully, people who enjoyed reading my poetry would also like to read my novels. But to be honest, I do not have any well-defined plans or goals for my books. I just write for myself, to understand my own line of thoughts or to tell a story. And just wish in the process others enjoy the journey as well.

I was born in Kuwait, in the desert spring. I was four years old during the Gulf War, when my family had to take refuge in Pakistan as they were from there via over month’s long journey by road. Needless to say, it left some unsavory impression on my then younger mind. After that whole fiasco, we came back to Kuwait where I lived most of my childhood up until mid-teens. And then I lived in Karachi for the next decade, till I moved to Britain and came to call it home.

Over my years so far, I have experienced and lived in varying and contrasting environments which has helped me to build a broader perspective of human nature and the perils of blind conformism. Through that experience I have come to advocate for freedom of thought and expression above all. My interests are in exploring the abstract realities of human nature and its absurd existence within the wonderful peculiarities of our universe.

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