Barefoot in the Parking Lot by Vineet Verma

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There is something about holding a book in your hand, settling into a nook and reading it. A well-written story can keep you glued to your seat for hours, and if it’s a mystery, even more so. I have enjoyed reading ever since I can remember, no matter what the genre. But at some point my love for suspense took over, and that became my genre of choice. Whether it was the engrossing stories by Agatha Christie, or the brilliant deductions by Sherlock Holmes, all of it kept me enthralled. This love of reading inspired the creative bug, and I wrote my first mysteries at the age of ten. My friends enjoyed the stories and encouraged me to write more. I even dabbled in some poetry. Then life intervened. The writing stopped.

Ideas swirled in my head for years until one day I finally sat down to write, and Barefoot in the Parking Lot got rolling. It was quite an adventure working on this novel. Each day was a learning experience. Initially a lot of it was about becoming a better writer. Then it was about the publishing process. Interesting stuff. Two years after I started, I was proud to see the book published. January 2021 will always be a month to remember for this reason. The fact that people enjoyed the story made it all worth the effort. My goal was to give readers the same satisfaction that I derived from reading my favorites, and so far I think I have succeeded.

For those who have not read Barefoot in the Parking Lot, it is a murder mystery based in Silicon Valley. Lead detectives Angela White and Paul Conley embark on quite a journey to trace the killer of the well-known CEO of a tech company. The investigation intersects with a series of murders, leading to some baffling questions. Readers loved the twists and turns. While the story is loaded with suspense, what adds the special touch is the well-etched characters and the flavor of the region. Quoting from some of the reviews:

“This book was a non-stop thrill ride from the 1st page!”

“Talk about a fast-paced, edge of the seat, nail-biting storyline!”.

I followed up this novel with a short story, The Stick. It features detective Paul Conley again, but this time in his hometown of Wichita, Kansas. He leads a solo murder investigation. Complicating the plot is a woman who pleads innocence but is difficult to trust. Needless to say, Paul succeeds in unmasking the killer. This is a quick read packed with thrills. Quoting from some of the reviews:

“Short, sweet, and packed with suspense.”

“Fantastic short story.”

If you have read my work, thank you! If you have not, I hope you give it a shot. Perhaps sample the short story to get a feel for my writing before you commit to the novel. Who knows, by the time you read this, I may have published some more stories for you to check out. Between my full-time job and two little ones at home I don’t get much time to write, but it is my passion, and I plan on writing for a long, long time. It’s readers like you who keep me motivated. Now that you have found me here at Authors’ Lounge, do check out my website for details on my social media presence and email address. Sign-up for my newsletter if you like. I would love to hear from you and discuss books. Quick links to my work:

Barefoot in the Parking Lot:

The Stick:


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