Revelations by Izzibella Beau

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Team Edward or Team Jacob? That was the big question in late 2008 and all of 2009. It was then I realized the love for shifters and vampires, Dracula and American Werewolf In London days,  had never truly gone away, just morphed itself into drool-worthy guys that made the young girls scream.

After reading the book series and watching the movies a thousand times over, I decided to write such a tale, but with varying twists. It was then, Separate Worlds, was created. A trilogy that is a read for all ages. All genders. And anyone searching for a book to get lost within.

The first book of the trilogy is titled Revelations and can be found on Amazon and KindleUnlimited,

Yes, yes, yes, book two, Seasons of Change, is completed, going through final edits, and the last book is halfway there.

In Revelations, readers meet Zach, Adam, and Jacob, brothers who are shifters. Their father is the alpha of the pack, making these three highly sought-after young men. Adam is the eldest, Zach is a senior in high school, and Jacob is a junior in said school. Zachs best friend, Danny, also a shifter, plays an essential role in this compelling series.

It just so happens the boys are all finding their mates, which is unheard of at their age. Jacob is bonded with Madison, an enchantress (witch), and when they’re together, sparks fly. Thye love to hate one another but can’t resist the pull that’s bringing them together. Danny becomes connected with Alex, a girl he’s known almost all his life. She’s a seer, one who can see the future with just a touch and becomes vital to the whole shifter pack’s survival. And then we have Zach, who finds it nearly impossible not to want to be around the new girl, Emily. As much as they wish to deny the attraction, they can’t. But this poor couple has so many obstacles to overcome, one which could break the whole balance of the paranormal world. And oh year,

Revelations was fun to write. I enjoyed picking apart the characters, what makes them irritated, and what makes them sizzle when they’re together. The first book is about meeting all the characters, getting to know who they are and why they’re coming together. In the second book, action prevails, as well as love.

I would love to see this series do well, maybe follow in the lines of Twilight and possibly have a movie, or TV series, created. An author can dream, right.

A little about myself, I’m an indie author and screenwriter. I’ve completed over fourteen novels but have taken them off sites to edit and revamp the covers. I’ve written screenplays for several of my books and even filmed scenes for a TV series, Assumptions, and a feature film, Worth the Risk. I’ve also written s thriller screenplay, When We Fall, which is now being written as a book. And oh yeah, I did co-author a true-life story with celebrity actress, supermodel Ms. Abigail Rich. This book is a tearjerker about child abuse, foster care, rising above the ashes, and believing in oneself. The title is, Invisibly Broken, and can be found on Amazon and KindleUnlimited.

In my personal life, I’ve been married for the past twenty-six years, and we’ve known one another since we were five years old. We have three biological children, all in college, and at the moment, thirty-one furbabies. Yes, that’s right, a three and a one, thirty-one. We rescue dogs and give them a forever home. We all acquired a pot-belly pig, Tessa, in 2020. I thought my canines had an attitude; whew, this piggie gives me more arrogance than all my doggies put together, But she’s one of our babies and is well cared for. We also have several stray cats who come for their daily meal and deer, fox, possum, and other critters looking for a nice warm meal.

I would love to meet all my readers and fellow authors in person and on social media sites. You can find me o Twitter at Facebook and Facebook Author page and Instagram.

Thank you for reading my profile and about Revelations. A huge THANK YOU to ReadersMagnet and Authors Lounge for allowing us authors to reach out to you fabulous readers.

And oh yeah, I was Team Jacob all the way.


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