Budo of Judo: Goddard Method by James Goddar

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What is your book all about?

Budo of Judo: Goddard Method

Judo is more than just throwing and grappling. It is helpful for a healthy mind and body. In an emergency it can be a useful aid for self-defense. You can gain self-confidence and transferable skills for other disciplines such as ball games and dancing (sometimes known as fundamental movement skills).

This book is for beginners and experienced judo practitioners [judokas]. It can be referred to time and time again
Inside you will find:
· Easy to follow illustrations.
· Guidance on technique:
          1. o Strikes and blocks.
          2. o Throws.
          3. o Kata.
          4. o Holding techniques.
          5. o Limb locking techniques.
          6. o Strangles/chokes.
· Technical information on how to improve your judo as you gain experience
helping you to feel and look great.
· Clear, helpful directions breaking details down into core techniques and

What do you hope readers could get from your book?

My book aims to be the key that unlocks your understanding and potential so you can get the most out of lessons, books and YouTube presentations etc. Other books concentrate on the technical side of judo, whereas my book emphasizes the pattern/spirit in easy-to-remember key points, including a variety of applications.


My unique selling points:
1. A reference book you can refer to again and again.
2· Learn faster through clear diagrams and explanations.
3. Clear, helpful directions on how to learn to judo and build on what you already
4. Clear and simple illustrations.
5. Helpful directions on how to learn to do judo.
6. Breaking details down into core techniques and variations.
7. How to combine modular parts of techniques (arms, legs and body).
8. Principles of ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘when’. Other sources just show ‘what’.
9. The illustrations are simplified, but accurate, so you can copy them when
doing techniques and know if you are in the correct position (see ‘ready
reckoners’ in book).
10. Ready reckoners so people know when they are in the correct position such
as hand and leg positions for techniques.
11. Makes links to other martial arts (eg tae kwon do, ju jitsu, BJJ, karate) to
understand how to do some of their techniques using what you have learnt in

Read in conjunction with ‘Ballroom and Latin Dance Hacks’ to get the full benefit of the ‘Goddard Method’ of learning how to learn more efficiently.

What is your target audience for the book?

Suitable as reference material for adaptive judo. Most of this book is suitable for children and adults. Techniques are from the adult judo syllabus. Chapter 6 locking and strangling techniques are not shown in class to children under 12.

What inspired you to write the book?

I had written and published some guides on my website. Someone suggested I put these guides together in a book, so I compiled a series of standalone guides (on how to learn more efficiently) into a cohesive book. This worked well for ballroom and latin dancing so I then wrote a book about judo.

What are your future goals/plans for the book?

From a quantitative perspective: I would like to expand distribution sites and increase sales. From a qualitative perspective, I hope people are inspired to take up or improve their martial art skills.

Tell us something more about yourself?

I work in an office during the day, so like to be active in my spare time. I’ve been dancing Ballroom and Latin for many years. I also have experience of Salsa, Argentine Tango and Ceroc (Modern Jive).
I have an extensive interest in martial arts which I have been practising for a number
of years.

I noticed there were patterns and crossovers in principles of movement in martial arts, yoga and other dance styles. This is what inspired me to write my self-help books so people could get more out of lessons, YouTube videos etc.
My non-fiction books are designed to help people to learn ballroom and latin dancing or judo more efficiently.
My fiction books were written because I wanted to write a story about a widow who had just lost her husband and so got a pet for company. The idea of the books is to raise questions in readers’ minds as to whether the husband comes back to visit the widow in her imagination or real life – if so how, magic??? They are ‘feel good’ books for younger readers and ‘young at heart’ adults designed to stir the imagination of readers.

Websites for further information

What you can find on Instagram and Facebook sites:
1. Useful information about dancing such as where to go and what to wear.
2. Free guides – some are samples taken from my books.
3. Links to YouTube videos.

You can check out my book available on amazon.


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