Author Feature: Michael Suski’s Road from Fighter to Champion

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This is the story of a man who overcame adversity, worked tirelessly to refine his skills, and emerged as one of the top-ranked boxers in the world. 

Suski’s road from fighter to champion is nothing short of extraordinary. A few stories are as remarkable as Michael Suski’s in the professional boxing ring. From his humble beginnings as a notorious street/bar fighter to becoming a two-time National Champion. Everything he went through culminated in a well-written book explaining his journey to the man he is now. That’s why enduring trials might be a means to help others, just like how Michael Suski used his story from fighter to champion to inspire us all.

Apart from its prestige, Michael Suski’s road from fighter to champion also involved more noteworthy achievements. Like being a member of the prestigious U.S. Boxing team, although it’s best to clarify that he did not participate in the Olympics. However, that didn’t stop Suski from reaching the most incredible heights of his career, branching out from being an athlete to a bodyguard.

Michael Suski’s early years were marked by a turbulent and challenging upbringing. Growing up in a rough neighborhood, he found himself drawn to the world of street fighting. Known for his raw power and determination, Suski quickly gained a reputation as a formidable fighter. However, his life unexpectedly turned around when he caught the attention of then-business tycoon Donald J. Trump.

A Bodyguard to the Stars

Trump recognized Suski’s potential and offered him a unique opportunity to become his bodyguard. This decision proved pivotal in Suski’s life, allowing him to escape street fighting and channel his energy into a more disciplined pursuit. Under the guidance of the Presidential Security team, Suski learned the importance of discipline, hard work, and dedication.

As Suski continued serving as Trump’s bodyguard, he realized he had a burning passion for boxing. Encouraged by Trump’s belief in his potential, Suski decided to leave behind his role as a bodyguard and pursue a career in professional boxing. It was a risky move, but Suski was determined to prove himself in the ring.

A Rising Star as the National Champion

Suski’s transition from the world of bodyguarding to professional boxing was not without its challenges. He faced skepticism from critics who doubted his ability to make the leap successfully. However, Suski’s relentless work ethic and unwavering determination propelled him forward. With his trainers’ support and experienced coaches’ guidance, Suski honed his skills and began climbing the ranks.

Suski’s talent and dedication did not go unnoticed. Moreover, his rise through the ranks of professional boxing caught the attention of the U.S. boxing team selectors. In a remarkable turn of events, Suski was invited to join the team, representing his country internationally. It was a dream come true for the once-notorious street fighter.

With the U.S. boxing team, Suski continued to excel. His relentless training and unwavering focus paid off as he captured the boxing world’s attention. In a triumphant display of skill and determination, Suski became a two-time national champion, solidifying his status as a force to be reckoned with in the boxing arena.

From Fighter to Champion: A Nod to Michael Suski’s Journey

The life of Michael Suski serves as a testament to the power of determination, resilience, and the ability to rise above one’s circumstances. His troubled beginnings as a street fighter did not deter him from being at his best and constantly improving. Furthermore, this desire allowed him to write a book about his journey called The Small Town Boxer

In his autobiography, you can see from his troubled beginnings as a street fighter and his unlikely role as Donald J. Trump’s bodyguard. The book also highlights Suski’s success as a top-ranked boxer and two-time national champion. Suski’s journey is an inspiration to us all. Through his unwavering resolve, he transformed his life. He proved that anyone can overcome adversity and achieve their dreams with dedication and passion.

Don’t forget to grab a copy of the book Small Town Boxer by Michael Suski and be enthralled by his life journey.


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