Where Is God When Satan Is Knocking On My Door? by Patricia Richardson

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“Where Is God When Satan Is Knocking On My Door?”

Reveals the dark, and gloomy side of life, versus the bright and shining light of God’s goodness and his ability to shield, bless and protect even under Satan’s strongest duress!

in a world of good and evil, Aretha’s faith was challenged while her body was under a demonic attack! Will her faith in God be strong enough to overcome the evil forces, or will she succumb?

What inspired you to write the book?

As a child, I remember one of the households adult conversations was about what they called roots/evil spirits, witches. This evil is cast on someone by an enemy or extremely jealous person to cause mentally or physical harm, even death. Satan’s purpose is to kill and destroy one’s life. “Be aware of your surroundings, don’t eat anyone’s food, and take care not to leave any hair follicles around. Someone might work roots on you!” My grandmother warned.

Most people don’t think about the spiritual realms of life, just what’s touchable, and seeable. The demonic spirits disrupt many lives, either by sickness, unthinkable duress, and even death. The average person doesn’t equate Satan to their destruction.
I wanted to bring awareness of good and evil, at the same time write something realistic, relatable and something extremely entertaining while revealing true facts!

What is your target audience for the book?

I think Christian, Spiritual readers or anyone who loves reading a great thriller will gravitate to this book. Hopefully others will become curious enough to step out of their comfort zone and be drawn into Aretha’s world. A life drenched in evil attacks.

What do you hope readers could get out from your book?

In addition, to an enjoyable read. I hope readers found the book informative. For a subject that is perceived as “taboo!” And is able to use decrement between God and Satan; Good versus evil, light versus darkness in their and loved ones daily lives! The ability to maintain faith and pray to God if attacked by Satan, and believe that God has the greater power which he does. That with consistent faithful prayer, Satan’s boundaries are nothing to God’s strength, victory is theirs always.

What are your future goals/plans for the book?

Of course, plenty of great advertisement/sales. In addition, my goal is to get my title written into an amazing screenplay. Showing in theaters world wide! With astonishing reviews and millions of tickets sold. Perhaps, even a successful stage play one day!

And something more about yourself.

Author, producer, and visionary. I enjoy reading, and writing books. My desire to write came at a very young age; my mind was always filled with great stories. However, my dreams and aspirations were put on the back burner and even at times forgotten after I became married with children.

My first book wasn’t published until much later in life. After writing and self publishing several books, I became interested in producing. I’ve adapted, and produced my debut title, “A Place for lda” into a stage play four times in Metro Atlanta. It’s currently available on Amazon.

When my first title “A Place for Ida” was published in 2003; I thought that was the most exhilarating feeling in the world. The anxiety was so great, I felt like I was floating and sleep never came! I just wanted to keep writing and eventually I did.

Several years later I found what I call my “second” love producing. What an amazing feeling to see your characters being acted out on stage “LIVE!” It was breathtaking!

I’m currently working on a few short stories to submit to magazines companies for publication and also adapting a few published titles into screenplays.

I thank God daily for my amazing gift. In the mornings after praying; I put one foot in front of the other and prayerfully keep stepping towards my dreams!

To learn more about my Books you can grab some copy of it in Amazon.


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