Twin Flames by J.L. Berkowitz

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Twin Flames is the first installments in the series, “The Lovers of the Archangels.”

A captivating dark fantasy romance that is a mesmerizing tale of love, destiny, and self-discovery that will enchant your imagination from start to finish. At the heart of this stunning novel is a female soul who is destined to be the mate of Michael, the greatest of all archangels. With vivid descriptions, breathtaking landscape, and powerful characters that represent the forces of good and evil. This novel will take you on a journey that is both enchanting and deeply moving.

What inspired you to write the book?

The idea behind this book and the series is personal to me. It was a low time in my life when I was seeking answers to life; feeling lost, I turned to my dreams. For several years, I have created and logged in journals. Having collected numerous notes on my dreams that had left an impression on me. One night, I received direction to write the story. After one year, I finished writing the first draft of “Twin Flames, the Lovers of the Archangels.” Two years later Twin Flames was published.

What is your target audience for the book?

As the book was taking shape, I strived to create a Dark Fantasy/Paranormal Romance targeting women and young adults readers that enjoy some fantasy and hot steamy romance, with a little horror mixed with thrilling moments reflecting daily life. Dark fantasy/paranormal romance is a favorite of mine to read. So picking this genre to write came naturally for me.

What do you hope readers could get out from your book?

I love escaping reality. Diving into an altered realms in a story, Twin Flames does just that for readers. I want readers to connect on an emotional level with my characters. To visualize and experience the feelings the characters go through in different scenarios. This is vital to me as a writer. The readers need to relate and remember my characters from the emotional impact they felt reading Twin Flames.

What are your future goals/plans for the book?

Being the first installment of the Lovers of the Archangel. It is currently available on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Google Books. You can find Twin Flames in various formats such as e-book, hardcover, and paperback, and the audiobook will be available soon.

I have created numerous characters with back stories in Twin Flames which opened the door to sufficient possibilities for many more books to be written in the future for the series. In hopes of getting the attention of agents willing to help me become a best seller. I would have to say, that is my ultimate dream. Although seeing Twin Flames in films on the big screen would be awesome.

About Me

My storytelling dates back to my childhood, when I was introduced to “theme writing.” That sparked my lifelong dedication to the craft, which blossomed during college where I excelled at fictional, creative writing. I knew then what I needed to do and what kind of writing I needed to produce. I love it when I hear or read a review that mentions I have mesmerized readers with my evocative prose style of writing. It makes me happy.

Book two of the series, the Twin Flames: Lovers of the Archangels called “Immortal Covet” is in editing now, with a cover reveal coming soon. It has a release date set for the late spring of 2024! I am currently immersed in creating the third installment of the series with much enthusiasm. Visit my website for book purchase, book release dates, blog, upcoming events.


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