Presenting The True Self: How People Reinvent Themselves

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As the world is ever-changing, people are also called to undergo constant change. People reinvent themselves to cope with life and unlock their full potential.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

This quote, shared and popularized by George Shaw, has resonated with people since its inception. While it goes against the typical ideology that people search for themselves, that self-realization occurs when people solely introspect, it does weigh in on how people truly experience life.

Enlightenment does not happen as a result of waiting. It doesn’t come randomly, where people wake up one day and their potential has been unlocked. Instead, it’s a conscious decision to work on creating and achieving the objective one has set for oneself. People actualize by action. Things don’t come unless people take the step and work for them. To be in a constant state of progress, change also has to consistently take place – a willful decision to alter oneself and the perceptions one holds.

The Person Is Ever-Shifting

In her awe-inspiring journey of growth and reinvention, author Darlene Lorraine Gibson reasoned that change is constant in life. She also mentioned that faith and determination are the effective ingredients to defeat whatever obstacles arise during these changes. With her unwavering belief in God, she overcame endless challenges to step out in life and achieve her potential.

In her book, she narrates how her life changed through the choices she courageously made. Without these, her life wouldn’t have turned around completely.

Reinvention is the focal point in her book, the movement she wishes to encourage others to follow. Through this process, Darlene found herself on a journey of healing and growing in faith. She believes that facing life head-on and pursuing it intentionally will lead people to their best selves.

Nobody grows without changing. Whether physically or mentally, people undergo some modification. This is a requisite in life, and the constant discontentment that feeds on their desire to evolve is both a blessing and a curse. It pushes them to change and chase after more significant things. People reinvent themselves to find a version of themselves they’re the most proud of—the kind they can live with the longest and with the least regret.

What Does It Mean When People Reinvent Themselves?

Change is ever-present. But what does it mean when people reinvent themselves – when they’ve consciously decided to shed off their previous selves to uncover a more powerful version?

Change may be inevitable, but it doesn’t always come toward people, forcing them to make alterations with a necessary constraint. Often, people are given the choice and opportunity to change openly. These are situations where people will be the ones to seek such changes. Often, people reinvent themselves by choice. They may feel stuck in a rut or stagnant, so they proactively shift their perspectives and try new things to evolve.

Reinvention doesn’t have to require people to disregard their past and where they came from. Instead, it’s building around who they already are. People reinvent themselves by breathing fresh perspectives into themselves. This may often require shedding off insights that don’t align with their new goals, but they don’t have to erase this version of themselves.

The sound of people reinventing themselves may feel intimidating, but it is liberating for the most part. Reinvention doesn’t have to be associated with grand gestures to work. Instead, it can occur with even the most subtle changes in one’s routine. Something as simple as changing a new style or career may already ultimately lead to a significant reinvention.

Is This Change Necessary?

People reinvent themselves not because they believe they’re in the wrong or broken. The process of embracing change goes alongside embracing growth and possibility. When the world is also constantly evolving, why should people remain stagnant and unchanging?

People’s best version of themselves is achieved through work. They must nurture a positive perspective about change to achieve their goals and mold their potential. The whole process of evolving and changing bits of oneself doesn’t mean people aren’t enough from the get-go. Instead, it’s reclaiming themselves and taking power throughout their lives. People reinvent themselves because they believe there is something better for them. It’s in this optimism that the world continues to turn and improve.


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