Change Is Growth: Why People Must Embrace Change

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Between certainty and change, people will always choose the former because it’s safe. Certainty is knowing where to go and what happens in the journey, while change makes things unpredictable and unsafe. But for one to grow, one must embrace change.

Comfort zones exist, and people love staying within their bounds.

Change, as the only constant in the world, has long been cemented in everybody’s minds. However, acting on this concept requires a different level of courage and tenacity than simply knowing and understanding it. People express their desire to try something new and aim to embrace change all the time. But when they’re already expected to act, they end up cowering.

This isn’t an individual experience.

When shoved toward an unfamiliar situation, almost everyone struggles to avoid it, clamoring their inherent distaste for trying something new. People would prolong the agony during these circumstances and prefer to go on second. After all, they must ensure nothing dangerous happens during the novel experience, the certainty, and reassurance they constantly seek in these situations.

Such also happens when people encounter change.

Regardless of how small or big this shift is, people hesitate, get nervous, or are scared about what can happen. Change takes away people’s safety blanket, leaving them vulnerable to danger. It’s risky. It plunges them into a world unknown. This makes it challenging for people to embrace change – the possibility of it leading them in harm’s way.

However, change is inevitable, and the lesson people learn from it is invaluable. Hence, there’s nowhere to go but face these changes head-on.

Encouraging People to Embrace Change

Author Brion K. Hanks has perfectly captured the beauty of change in one of his poems, Traveler of the Universe. At its core, the poetry talks about the journey people go through in life, from the highs and lows to the challenges and obstacles they must overcome occasionally. Mr. Hanks aims to encourage people to seek comfort in faith and the belief that the unknown isn’t as scary as it seems.

“Oh traveler, you have the universe
and the time to know the unknown
while demonstrating daily how you have grown.”
– Brion K. Hanks

His poem emphasizes how the universe is filled with the vast unknown. But with it comes the growth of people courageous enough to explore it. Those who take their time, go through the uncertainty, and embrace change are rewarded with growth that sets them apart. Change won’t always remain as something uncertain, an unknown scenario. Time will come, and this experience will be something people look at in retrospect and be grateful for because of the lessons it has brought. But for this shift to happen, people must first learn to welcome and be brave in uncertainty.

Change is the most prominent teacher people will need throughout the journey Brion K. Hanks has outlined. And beyond prayers and faith to climb the mountains before them, people need to embrace change and demonstrate their grit to overcome it.

Change as Guidance to Growth

Nobody can grow without the openness to change. It’s like expecting people to turn up with new clothes without first experiencing the vulnerability of change.

There’s no way of knowing whether this will lead to success or defeat. Looking at this uncertainty is frightening upfront, and it’s absolutely fine to bask in its terror. However, over time one needs to toughen up and face this change. For people to grow, they must welcome it and the rollercoaster of emotions it comes with. Life is a forward motion, and to go through it, people must embrace change.

Change can be painful as much as it’s liberating and healing. However, the more people become willing to go through this pain, the more profound its impact on their life will become. Change is constant, and along with it also comes the consistency of growth.

“As a traveler of the grand Universe,
You will be tested from time to time
Upon the ladder of life you must climb.”
– Brion K. Hanks

Every step people take on this ladder is the ever-changing view and circumstances they must experience. What better way to make the climb easier than getting accustomed to these changes and accepting them with open arms? Expand your connection at


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