Time for Truth: The Story of Salvation

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What is truth? Is it, as some profess, contingent upon personal preference and opinion, or that
which must be grounded in fact and evidence?

Is there one consistent truth, one road of evidence
which leads to the absence of contradiction, a road which can answer every essential question
about life, death and life after death?

There are few people who can say they have never thought about the questions concerning the
purpose for human existence. In our moments of quiet, moments of grief, and even moments of
joy, sometimes a small yet persistent voice begs us to consider if there is an ultimate purpose and
answer to life. Some of us successfully drown that voice beneath the noise of business or
busyness, we grab hold of a few useful expressions for warding off religious fanatics, and live as
if we will never die. But death reaches us all, and if our death is not the end, if we discover that
we are completely conscious and existing on a level with absolute clarity of thought and
recollection, then it is entirely possible that we will be either relieved, or full of regret, that we
did or didn’t heed the voice which called us to seek answers to life.

But where should we look? The world is full of religious and secular systems that claim to know
the answers to life. On a personal level, I have tried séances with the spiritists, practiced Zen and
Karate with the Buddhists, Transcendental Meditation with the modern day Hindus, and come
through it all as empty as when I started. I grew up on a large and isolated farm in Southern New
Zealand, long before the Internet, but with access to a huge library of philosophical and religious
books. By the time I was 18 I had read Nietzsche, Plato, Marx and Darwin, and countless others,
studied the Vedas, Upanishads and Quran, but there was always something missing, always
apparent contradictions, and always a small yet persistent voice urging me to continue the search.

‘Time for Truth’ is the book I wish I had been able to read in my own search for answers to life.
I have always been a skeptic. Faith had to beg me for years before I would adopt and eventually
own it. It was only after the most dramatic experience of my life, after a personal encounter with
someone I thought was long gone and dead for 2000 years that I learned the truth about life.

About ‘Time for Truth’

Time for Truth: The Story of Salvation, begins with the question of the existence of God, the
creation of the universe, a critique and refutation of the latest claims of macro-evolution, and an
evaluation of what it means that we are ‘made in the image of God’.

This book then explores the issue of the problem of evil, the fall of humanity and evidence for
the global flood of Noah’s day. The reader is then taken on the biblical journey of God calling a
man called Abraham, the development of the nation of Israel, God’s giving the Law through
Moses, hundreds of specific prophesies regarding the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus
Christ, the message and teachings of Jesus, evidence for His miracles and divinity, and an
overview of Church History.

Why did I write ‘Time for Truth’?

The first version was written about 35 years ago as a series of fourteen letters to my father-in-law
who was dying of terminal cancer. He was an ardent atheist who refused to discuss Christianity,
so I sent the letters anonymously. He had a powerful spiritual experience of salvation just three
days before he died. Since then the book has been updated twice, especially in regard to the latest
refutations of Macro-evolution, my own experiences of conversations with skeptics, and personal

What is my Target Audience?

I used this book for eight years as a professor in a secular university where I serve in Ukraine.
Every year I had hundred 18 year olds who were there to study marketing and economics, but
had to take several compulsory courses, including ‘Introduction to Bible’. I used ‘Time for
Truth’ to initiate frank and informed discussions, and many of those young people found answers
to life. Therefore, skeptics are one of my primary target groups.

I am also aware that many Christians are under-confident and poorly educated in apologetics, in
being able to give logical and reasoned answers for their faith in Christ. ‘Time for Truth’ not
only helps them to understand from an intellectual level, but to see God’s dealing with humanity
as a ‘story of salvation’, the subtitle of the book.

Future plans for ‘Time for Truth’

I am a self-supported missionary in Ukraine since 2003, so my heart is with the Ukrainian
people, especially in this time of war. The book is currently being translated into Ukrainian and
sponsors have provided funds to make it available as a paperback for those who have no access
or device to read a free digital copy. I use the royalties from ‘Time for Truth’ and my other
books to fund copies of my theological books for struggling pastors and laypeople. I am grateful
to Authors’ Lounge for the opportunity to make my work known.

About the Author (Steve Copland)

For as long as I can remember I have had an insatiable desire to understand the questions
regarding life. That potent curiosity, and extreme dislike of anything ‘Christian’, led me into the
occult, and some very dark places. My life changed dramatically when I had an incredibly
powerful and personal encounter with Jesus Christ on the 19 th July 1982. After working as a
builder and professional photographer, and raising my children, I realized my dream to study
theology and history, and completed a 1 st Class Post-graduate degree from Otago University, NZ.
I came to Ukraine in 2003 to establish a seminary, and have spent the past two decades teaching
English to support myself, and serving as a volunteer.

Again, thank you Authors’ Lounge for this opportunity to share about ‘Time for Truth’.


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