Book Feature: God’s Existence: Truth or Fiction? by Gary Lindberg

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God’s existence has been the center of debate for ages. Most arguments to prove this commonly results in opinion and faith-based perspective. But author Gary Lindberg provides solid evidence through science in his book God’s Existence: Truth or Fiction?

From the moment they gain consciousness, people wonder about the purpose and reason for their existence. With these queries likely comes the examination of how they came to exist. Where did their lives come from? People are torn between believing that they existed due to a higher power giving them life or that they evolved from other species.

The theory of evolution, or people evolving from apes, may sound equally absurd as crediting life to a supreme entity. People may have come from apes or were given life by God. Either reason sounds impossible and unreasonable. But most people still choose to believe in the former, giving no credence to the possibility of a God existing.

From a religious perspective, the existence of the world and every living in it is enough to prove His existence. He is the giver of life, why the living existed and continues to exist. But to others, these reasons are nothing but blind judgment. To these kinds of people, they would need more substantial evidence for them to believe in God’s existence.

Science in Proving God’s Existence

Science is the greatest source of knowledge and understanding. When it comes to providing substantial evidence, nothing beats science. This discipline examines matters systematically through thorough experiments to verify the truth.

For something to be universally considered factual, it typically needs science backing it up.

But regarding religion and related matters, science has separated itself from discussions. Scientists have kept away from proving or disproving God’s existence. No scientific method or experiments can support the principle they adhere to. It’s impossible to scientifically prove the presence of a supreme entity, something that doesn’t cohere to the physical rules.

Science has avoided this discussion.

However, this doesn’t mean the discipline can’t assist in any form to explain God’s existence and support common religious beliefs.

A Man’s Attempt at Proving God’s Existence

Gary Lindberg is currently working on his interests as an author. Before his writing career, he had served various industries, but none were related to religion. He once volunteered in the Peace Corps, where he taught students and teachers about garden programs. Besides volunteering in the Peace Corps and the Navy, he also worked in the Human Resources industry.

If someone were to create a discussion about God’s existence, nobody would have expected Lindberg to do so. His background experiences are far from religious discussions. In fact, on closer look, his field of expertise would have been opposite the religious perspective. Working in service, business, and human resources should have trained him to be observant and factual.

But in his second book, he works on the impossible. He has attempted to prove the existence of God. And seeing as he has published the book, it’s easy to assume that he has succeeded.

Gary Lindberg’s Evidence

God’s existence has long been debated. But Gary Lindberg’s book might have stopped this seemingly endless discussion.

In his recent work, God’s Existence: Truth or Fiction? Lindberg has taken a unique approach. Unlike the others, who worked on proving God’s existence through adherence to a physical system, he investigated this matter by examining science.

This approach proposes that God, as the supreme creator, created science and the Bible. Coming from the same source, Lindberg believes they should say the same thing. He considers only science, and a thorough analysis of the discipline can prove God’s existence.

God’s Existence: Truth or Fiction? reveals the answer to this lifelong debate through scientific ideologies. This book should provide people with substantial reasons and solid evidence regarding this matter.

To learn more about how Gary Lindberg proves His existence through science, God’s Existence: Truth or Fiction? can be purchased through Amazon. Interested readers may also visit his website: to learn more about the author and his ideas.


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