The Silent Sufferer by Frank Negolfka

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First off, I’d like to thank the Author’s Lounge for providing me a platform to speak about my book. The Silent Sufferer is a book about my teenage years after my fathers suicide. The book takes the reader through my pain and struggles, dealing with suicidal thoughts, alcohol use, depression and teenage angst. The story focuses on serious topics that many people struggle with but also has many hysterical moments that will have you reliving your teen years.

The Silent Sufferer takes place in Euclid, Ohio (Right next door to Cleveland) in 1998. My freshman year of high school was just underway. I was making a ton of new friends, playing football, and just trying my best to fit in. That was until cold day in December when I arrived home to find my father was barricaded inside my house with a gun to his chest. That moment would forever change my life and how I viewed the world. 

After that I started slowly down a path of destruction. I had to learn to hide parts of myself that we’re starting to seep out. I began using alcohol as a way to self medicate. I also developed medical issues that only compounded my problems.

This story isn’t just dark and depressing. I was an outgoing kid with a bunch of great friends, and an appetite for booze. We had some wild times! 

This is also a story about how one small gesture has the ability to change the world. One random act of kindness was able to do more than any pill or doctor could ever do! 

In August of 2019 I found myself once again in a dark place. Everything was building up and I hit a breaking point. Luckily,  I decided to try to fix things. I somehow mustered up the courage to open up. I eventually started a Facebook group called The Silent Sufferer. My goal was to raise awareness and help as many people struggling with depression and anxiety.

The thought of writing this book came to me over 15 years ago. I had attempted to write it many times but always found myself giving up. While writing the book I found myself replaying so many emotions from my past. One moment,  I would be unable to contain the smile on my face and the next moment tears would be streaming down my eyes! The writing process was extremely difficult but also the most therapeutic experience. I truly believe this book has something for everyone. While writing the story I wasn’t worried about catering to a specific audience. I genuinely wrote this for myself. 

I want the reader to walk away from this book with a better understanding of how people with mental health issues view the world. I hope this book can be used as a tool to help people battling their demons. I hope they find the courage to speak up, seek help, and eventually help others.

The Silent Sufferer is a must read. A truly heartfelt, honest story of mental health as seen through the eyes of a teenager. This gut wrenching story will have you endure a wide range of emotions. Please do yourself a favor and consider checking out The Silent Sufferer!

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