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Exploring Solo Retirement: An Existential Journey

THE SOLO RETIREE is about the existential journey that each individual takes in retirement. It’s existential because we must adapt ourselves to the new purpose and meaning of constantly changing times. The book starts out with insights of how being single is really an enhancement to self-discovery without the need to compromise your personality for a relationship.

Solo retirement is more than just living single. It is a personally designed social lifestyle based on higher awareness of your unique needs and interests. It’s a form of evidence based living in that it involves intentional use of factual information and experiences to determine the best methods, attitudes, and behavior to create the longest, healthiest, and happiest final phase of life.

Optimizing Health and Longevity: Evidence-Based Dietary Recommendations

In terms of evidence, many studies mentioned in the book show that our social network is more beneficial than a marriage in terms of happiness and health. For longevity purposes, I also include a diet and nutritional deficiencies of aging sections that will help you focus on maintaining targeted health throughout life. Three primary diets are recommended for seniors.

Since about half of all Americans have elevated blood pressure, the DASH (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension) diet is recommended to reduce read meat, processed foods, salt and sugar. The MEDITERRANEAN diet is recommended for health and longevity purposes. The foundation of this low fat diet is olive oil, whole grains, fruits, nuts, and veggies. Since 73% of Americans are overweight or obese, I’ve included the MAYO CLINIC diet for sustainable weigh reduction. The plan encourages you to do 30 minutes of exercise (walking) every day. All of these diets will improve your health and longevity.

Fostering Happiness and Meaning in Retirement: Attitude and Perspective

How can the book claim to make people happier? Well, it turns out that attitude is one of the most important elements. We’re about as happy as we decide we will be. But, in retirement, a life of enjoyment has two routes: either of happiness or of meaning. In the happiness route, we experience delight of our current situation once we establish our framework of comfort and security. In the meaning route, we experience a life of purpose, significance, care taking, and competence. Both of these routes lead to a life of satisfaction that can overlap or occur separately. Self-awareness will tell us which of these two is most important to us, but it’s probably a combination of both.

Financial Independence: Strategies for Generating Passive Income

As a retired stockbroker and current real estate investor, you will get the formula of how to produce income without working as the author has done for 16 years. This is in addition to many money management techniques designed to secure multiple income sources and to economize. In the Design Your Happiness chapter are easy and relaxing techniques to keep your mood up while reducing medical expenses.

The two primary goals of this text are to take the fear out of being solo and the fear out of death. Examples and studies take the fear of being solo and I discuss the new discoveries about the afterlife that are so captivating that it will take any anxiety out of death and get your curiosity juices flowing like never before.

Empowering Readers: Providing Guidance for Retirement Planning

The inspiration for this work was going through retirement myself for 16 years now. As a therapist who focuses on adaptability, I found the adjustment fairly easy for myself, but I watched other solos struggle by going broke and become homeless. Something that should not happen to anyone. Most Americans are not economically prepared for retirement partly because they cannot anticipate the future and partly because we are spenders, not savers. That’s why proven guidelines are an essential factor in keeping you on track.

The target audience is anyone over 50 years of age or whenever people start to plan for retirement. In terms of what I hope readers get from the book is the needed guidance and direction to help navigate these unique and original waters. And I purposely address the fear of being solo and fear of death in order to dissolve both of these misunderstandings.

Aspiring Impact and Author Background: From San Francisco Upbringing to Retirement

In terms of future goals, I would love to see the book become the go to reference for solo retirees in the workplace and in academia. But, if it doesn’t ascend that far, I’m happy with the general guidance provided to the average retiree. In terms of a biography, the author grew up in San Francisco in the 1960s and 70s where his interest in psychology developed from watching the unique social culture and the blueprint for a peace and freedom movement.

After getting his masters and license to practice, he worked in Hospice, and Oncology and Cardiology units in hospitals. He later branched into marriage counseling, biofeedback, and in-patient work. He spent a total of 36 years conducting different forms of psychotherapy before he retired as a happy solo.

The book is available on amazon.


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