Is It Too Late? What Are the Solutions to Climate Change?

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The world is suffering, and so are its people. But is this enough for them to consider taking action and implementing these solutions to climate change?

While the Earth is humanity’s home, they seem not to take enough care of it. They have done enough to take parts of it and damage most, setting in motion irreversible effects that will only bring more chaos.

Time and time again, they’ve been reminded what to do and what not to do for Earth to heal. But humanity has done the contrary. Temperatures are surging, forests are being depleted, and the oceans are becoming increasingly filthy. Everywhere people look, there is the result of their actions, a consequence of their choices. Is it too late to take action and fix what’s damaged?

The Ever-Prevalent Global Problem

Everyone knows what their behaviors will bring, especially regarding their influence on Earth. But perhaps they don’t care or become too lax about these consequences to continuously consider their contribution thoroughly.

It’s always a comparison between themselves and the whole population to justify their wrongful decisions. “What would a difference in my behavior bring to the world?” This is a common sentiment they would consider to justify their behaviors. After the thought passes their mind, they begin to neglect carrying out what the solutions to climate change would be. But putting things into perspective, if everyone thinks like this, imagine its effect on the problem.

This is why climate change is an ever-present, seemingly hopeless problem on Earth. People are too individualistic in their behaviors to consider the bigger picture.

Ronald J. Fischer discusses this in his book Cities in Orbit and the End is Near, where he thoroughly tackles global warming. He mentions that people have paid little to no attention to strictly implementing solutions to climate change despite the world being in bad shape. And perhaps they haven’t, and this can be attributed to the fact that they don’t directly feel the consequences.

But now that there have been considerable and apparent changes, what can people do to set things right?

What Are the Solutions to Climate Change?

This global problem demands action from everyone. Regardless if it feels as though it’s a “one vs a million” fight to do better, every little gesture counts. If people practice this mindset, it’s only about time that the world will slowly heal until it’s time for the next generations to do their part.

People know exactly what they must do to win against it. They know the most essential and practical solutions to climate change. What they need is the motivation to sustain these behaviors.

End the Reliance on Fossil Fuels

Once this is executed, the change may not be immediate, but the world needs to drastically reduce its consumption of fossil fuels. This includes burning coal, natural gas, or oil in buildings, industrial fields, and, most importantly, transportation. By cutting this down, the planet will experience a decrease in temperature of probably more than 75%.

This is one of the most crucial solutions to climate change and one that also has a massive influence on people’s health. Hence, it’s a win for Earth and for the people.

Increase the Political Pressure

Unfortunately, the world may not experience enough global action without the help and support of the government and consequential authorities. While people can make gradual changes, the most apparent impact would still rely on the government and everyone in power. This is especially crucial for the industries to partake in this change.

It seems intimidating to speak up, but voices have power. Humanity can succeed if they speak up enough and force the government to listen to them. Politicians must be part of the solution to be sustainable and maintained in the long run.

Change People’s Lifestyle

People’s lifestyles are a massive contributor to climate change. Whether it be their diets or the behaviors they practice, one of the most important solutions to climate change would revolve around checking people’s lifestyles. They must adjust their routines to be sustainable in the changes.

Climate change demands action from everyone. This can be achieved through little adjustments, primarily through their lifestyles.


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