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My name is Sesilee Lettsome Thomas. I was born on the beautiful island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. I was born to Otis Steven and Ronald Welfare Lettsome. They were both born and raised Tortolians. I began attending school at the age of five (5) years old. The name of the school I attended was Willard Wheatley Primary School. It was located on the eastern part of the island. The area where the school was located was called Major Bay. I attended that school for five years, and there was an exam that I had to pass to go onto high school. After taking that exam, I was successful and graduated from high school. In high school, I faced many challenges. I sought assistance and was able to overcome them. There was a school leaving exam I had to pass to graduate. I was successful and passed the exam, and I was able to graduate in the year 1969. After graduating, I started to seek employment. The two careers I desired were those of an immigration officer or a police officer. I applied for the job but was not successful.

I pursue other professions without success. One of my other desires was to go to college. The funds were not available to do so. I decided to take what was available. My first job was at a boating company. It was a tourist industry where people came to the island and chartered yachts to go sailing. In the BVI, we have some beautiful beaches that they enjoy. My duties were to prepare the yacht for the charter. It did not work out for me, and I left the job. There was a vacancy at another company. I applied, and I was hired right away. The duties were similar. I worked at that company, and it was very successful. The manager there was pleased with my attitude and the interest that I showed toward the progress of the business. When there was no charter to be prepared, I keep myself occupied by helping in other areas of the commissary. Any other duties that were there to be done. When the manager decided to move on, He recommended me to the store clerk for (commissary). My duties there were to purchase the food stuff, price it, and prepare food orders for the customer.

When that area was not busy. I went to the office to learn about office procedures like preparing payroll and making other documents for customers. I try to learn whatever I can about the boating business.

When the situation became rough because the owner of the company died, Most of the employees decided to leave to seek other career opportunities. I stayed on and was able to keep the operation going. There was no money to pay for operations or employee salaries. I still continue to work. I was hoping the situation would turn around. It never did, and so did the people who took over the company. They honor my faithfulness, so they offered me a job with them. Six months later, I decided to leave the job and do something on my own. Cooking was a passion for me, so I started to cook food and go around in my vehicle to construction sites. I was now self-employed. That was something needed because some workers were not able to prepare lunch in the mornings. That was a great provision for such people. It was a successful endeavor. I did very well with it.

It had inspired other ladies to do the same. In 1994, on Mother’s Day, I went to church and surrendered my life to Jesus. That was the best decision that I ever made. I had never regretted it and have experienced a great blessing that has been seen visually. I then realized that I had a gift for writing poetry. As I wrote, God increased that gift, and I became a poet for the church that I attended. I wrote reflections for funerals at church. When someone that I knew died. I would reflect on their performance when they were alive. I would then write about it in a jovial manner. Many people look forward to what I say about that person. I have gotten so much great encouragement, and it has inspired me to continue writing. People come to me to write poems for birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions. I was constantly being encouraged to write a book. With that encouragement, I started thinking about writing a book. Meanwhile, the number of poems sitting in a folder is enough to publish a book. I began to consider what type of book I should write. There were many good situations in my life, some good and some not so good. I thought if I shared it, it would be a blessing and an encouragement to someone. I then decided to focus on my life story, which I can share with the world. I decided to name the book “My Story.” It is actually my story about my primary school experience, my working experience, my marriage, and my husband‘s illness. I decided to continue the story from his sickness to his death. My second book inspired me to continue with my second husband, 18 months after my first husband died. I married again. I named this second book “The Rest of My Story.” I spoke about my experience with my second husband. It was published in September 2023.

At this present time, I am focusing on my poetry book. This is written by myself and my son, Rudol. Rudol, whom I call my manager. He had been a great support and an inspiration to me. I am retired and taking care of my grandchildren, who are my pride and joy. I am enjoying looking after them. The last girl whose name is Azaria’, I call her Paige. I am the mother of three children and one foster child. I enjoy watching every step of Paige as she is developing. An opportunity I did not have while I was working. I take time to write, mostly at night when it is quiet, so I can concentrate better. I enjoy writing very much, I love people and one of my greatest passions is helping people. I look for every opportunity in which I can reach out to help. Especially those who are needy. I consider myself a servant of God. I am his hands and feet. Eager to do his bedding.

Rudol and I are hoping to release the poem book in July 2024. Readers should reach out to me so that they can help me with the promotion of my two books. I decided to have ReadersMagnet publish my next book. As I continue to work with them. I appreciate the assistance that I received from their sales manager, Jo.

As long as I am alive and well, by the mercies of God, And he gave me the strength to continue. I will continue to pursue my writing ability and improve my skills in writing. I love to cook, so I am also preparing a recipe book. It will be coming soon. I invite you to purchase a copy of my books on Amazon.

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