The Role of Evaluation Editing for Self-Publishing Authors

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For self-published authors, finding quality book editing services is essential for success.

Every year thousands of books are being released all around the globe. However, not all of them are published by traditional or established publishing houses. To be published by reputable institutions such as Penguin, HarperCollins, MacMillan, and Simon & Schuster ensure the bright future of your literary masterpiece. It also means that your book gets premium post-production treatment; from manuscript evaluation, proofreading, book editing, layout, all the way to book cover design, you are guaranteed top of the line service. One crucial aspect of post-production is editing. There are several types of editing processes, and they are all important. From evaluation editing to proofreading, each process ensures that your book is ready for the big stage. For self-publishing authors, they must either do it themselves or look for companies that offer book editing services. Today, we are going to talk about one of the most important types that are sadly often overlooked by authors.  

Importance of Evaluation Editing

Evaluation Editing is the process of assessing your manuscript in terms of structure (the process is also called manuscript critique or structural edit), flow, completeness, and overall quality. It is the first comprehensive examination of one’s work, so to speak. In this process, the editor is expected to provide a summary of key points, areas of concern, and suggestions on how to further improve your work. They are more concerned with the general status and quality of the submitted manuscript. Should the process find your work to remarkable, then they will recommend it to the next process which is copy editing. For

works that need more improvement, line or content editing should be the next ideal process. Among these editing processes, evaluation editing is one of the most crucial parts as it determines if your book is ready or not. It requires a finished manuscript and an efficient editor who has an eye for evaluating various types of literature. Proofreading and book editing can be done with a copy editor or with the help of editing tools. However, evaluation editing requires more special skills and aptitude.

Finding the Right Editorial Partner

As mentioned above, many self-publishing authors do not have the luxury of top of the line editing services. For self-publishing authors, they need to compete with the target market audiences, and the only way to do that is to ensure a quality narrative and a well-edited manuscript. Hence, they need to seek a reliable editorial partner. One brand that comes to mind is Greg Van Arsdale’s Editorial Services Greg Van Arsdale is a seasoned author. He has published quite a number of books including the novels The Priestly Murders, Beyond Mere Belief, Alina, Hijacked on Alaskan Seas, and The Stranger. But aside from his passion for writing novels, Greg Van Arsdale assisting authors and making sure that their books each full potential and are market-ready. Thus, Greg Van Arsdale’s Editing Services provide copy editing services and developmental editing services. As a writer with vast publishing experience, clients are assured that Van Arsdale’s evaluation editing is top of the line quality. 

MSWord is getting better at spelling and grammar correction, but don’t be fooled that this makes for a good book. The sentence may be corrected as you type, but is it a good one? How does it fit into the paragraph? Content is the primary focus here. Did you set the stage correctly? Did you stay with a consistent point of view? Did you “tell” the story or “show” it? How does the quality of your narrative and dialogue stack up against the competition? These and more are very important questions. They can ruin an otherwise good book if done incorrectly. MS Word cannot help you with this…I can.”

With Greg Van Arsdale’s editing services, self-publishing authors and those that cannot afford expensive editing services are guaranteed that their manuscripts are in good hands. Van Arsdale’s evaluation editing help authors get a shot at being noticed by the right target market audiences because of the quality of the book.

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