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In just a short span of time, many authors have put their trust in ReadersMagnet Black and White publishing services, Full Color, Children’s Book, and many others to share their stories, experience, wisdom, and insights in the hopes of touching the hearts of many readers from different walks of life.

The process of publishing a black and white book or any other particular book format is not achieved overnight but it is where authors see their dreams come alive.

It’s no secret how books have the power to change people’s perspectives and even lives. The author’s words can inspire readers’ lives, change their own perspectives, drive them to strive for success, give them hope, and even show them the way in life.

In the spirit of touching people’s lives through words, here are some of the best lines shared from the books written by some of ReadersMagnet’s successful self-publishing authors.

A Bounding Health Naturally by Sharon Wiginton

A Bounding Health Naturally by Sharon Wiginton

Oh yes, our future is in God’s hands, but when we obey Him, and live our lives making healthy choices, we can live in joy and fully expect great health. – Sharon Jean Wiginton (“What is Great Health?” in Abounding Health Naturally)

Breast Cancer Journey Diagnosis Reconstruction

The sooner we all let go and trust that God is there to take care of us, the easier it is for us to endure whatever we have to.– Elaine Embrey, R.N. (Chapter 7, “The Reconstruction Process” in Breast Cancer: A Nurse’s Journey from Diagnosis Through Reconstruction)

Divine Principles by Ken Ungerecht

Divine Principles by Ken Ungerecht

Will we be strong enough to be wrong in our pursuit of being right? We know we are going to be wrong. It is a part of being human. We know there are some who won’t acknowledge when that happens, even to themselves. But we don’t need everybody to do it. We only need enough people to do it. – Ken Ungerecht (One, “Introduction” in Divine Principles)

Journey Shepherds by Virginia Cooper Stokes

We should continue to love even if that love is not received or given back.– Virginia Cooper Stokes (Chapter 3, “Grandmother’s Ring” in The Journey of a Shepherd’s Wife)

Success Against All Odds Secrets by Regina Ozoemela

Success Against All Odds Secrets by Regina Ozoemela

The difference between those who make it in life and those who don’t comes down to just one thing: the courage to strive for opportunities with dignity and self-confidence.– Regina O. Ozoemela (Chapter 1, “Growing up in Nigeria” in Success Against all Odds)

Neighborhood Kids Short Stories Reader by Richard Mcboin

Making things right by being honest and accepting responsibility when we do something wrong, whether we meant to or not, will always make us feel better, and build that great and noble trait that people respect—INTEGRITY!– Richard McBain (Story 1, “Accidents Happen” in The Neighborhood Kids Short Stories Reader)

A Tribute To My Mother by Sophia Blankson

Let go of the hard and miserable times.Wipe away the tears of pain.God will turn your hurt into joyful tunesFor all to hear and cherish again.– Sophia Blankson (A Tribute to My Mother: Reflection on Life, Love, and Loss)


The Adventure of Snook and Gator by Tara Annette Rocker

The Adventure of Snook and Gator by Tara Annette Rocker

Sometimes you don’t need words to have fun, with a good friend.– Tara Annete Rocker (The Adventures of Snook and Gator, Book 4)

Do You See What I see by Brenda Wilson

Do You See What I see by Brenda Wilson

We must prepare, take the leap of faith, and marvel at the world we see and what we believe to be.– Brenda Wilson (“Another Realm” in Do You See What I See?)

By This Shall We Be Known by Terriel Byrd

By This Shall We Be Known by Terriel Byrd

If the nation was going to be indivisible, then it first had to be one nation. If, under God, it was going to achieve this status; then, it had to be healed of its near mortal divisions.– Terriel R. Byrd (Chapter 1, “King’s Vision, Voice and Message for the 21st Century” in By This Shall We Be Known)

Indeed, these encouraging words are proof of the powerful role that books play in the lives of many people. Surely, there still are countless aspiring authors everywhere that are holding on to the dream of getting their stories out for the world to see.

For writers who are putting their dream of becoming a successful self-publishing author into motion, ReadersMagnet is ready to help provide perfect full color, eBook, or black and white publishing services and become their partners in making sure their dreams of getting published come true!


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