The Prophet who Disagreed with God

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The story of a homeless and nameless strange man, who happens to build a bond with a deceased woman’s shadow as he seeks comfort in an abandoned graveyard.

Being allowed by the dead to know and experience their lives and pain earns him the attention of god who seeks to make a prophet for good, after losing faith in his creatures who have become evil, he wants our prophet to lead them toward good once again. As they argue over the importance of pain in our lives and the value of remembrance. We discover the greatest fear and hurt that god suffers from and reach a crossroads as our prophet refuses to follow in god’s commands.

Forming a friendship with a dying young woman who gives him a name and makes him feel loved, she becomes a purpose for him, to stand up to god and ask for the chance to get people to listen to what he has to say. As he loses her and is haunted by the fear of her being forgotten by those she loved, he realizes what he must do. Having gone through a period of depression and loss in my life, I found myself thinking about the living, the dead, and the dying. The truth of the end that awaits and the strength given to us from suffering. I want everyone who had experienced loss in any way to read the book and remember their lost one and feel that the connection they once had with them never went away.

I hope that from this story people can accept pain and sadness and allow beauty to grow from their wounded souls.

As I struggle with depression and negative thoughts, I have made a friend out of darkness and yet I fail to take in my sorrows with ease, but I want to remember that in my life and I want others to remember that too. We often decide to bury our sorrows in our memories and shut them out and I know that too well, however, it is vital that we think about other ways to deal with the tough moments we face in our lives. I plan on expanding the story in a different form, a theatre piece maybe, as it’s very symbolic and odd, in a good way. The reader of the story will not expect what is in store for the character that is unlike yet very alike to every prophet anyone has read about. About 3 years ago, I went through one of the saddest events in my life, as I lost someone I loved very much.

I had a lot to think about as I struggled with grief and moving forward while wishing to keep the memory and love of the one I lost with me. And then throughout the year a lot of people around me had gone through the pain of losing one or more of their loved ones and the idea of dying and death had been the title for that chapter of my life, going on to face a life or death medical situation, I vowed to finish this book before I underwent surgery, and I did. Luckily I lived and I plan to keep trying to tell people that there is something disturbingly beautiful about sorrows, I know that in our system as human beings, we aim to forget and reject pain, and as much as I think no one wants to be hurt by a story as much as I think stories like this are healing.


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