Book Feature: The Power of Imperfect Parents by Lynda Drake

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Parents are the first individuals children interact with, and though our mothers and fathers are far from perfect, the power of imperfect parents is beneficial for kids.

Lynda Drake, the author of The Power of Imperfect Parents, shares her experience in raising three adorable little kids. However, Lynda encountered additional challenges because her children have disabilities and other diagnoses. The book is like the many practical tools to parent your child with disabilities.

Today, we’ll discuss the book, what it’s all about, what message it wishes to deliver, and if parents will find it worth reading. With that said, let’s dive right into it.

What is The Power of Imperfect Parents All About?

It might be challenging to parent a child with a disability or another medical condition. As we’ve mentioned before, in The Power of Imperfect Parents by Lynda Drake, the author openly shares her experiences of raising three children with diverse diseases and difficulties.

She offers advice on how to relax, recognize the lessons, have fun, and, most importantly, discover how to love despite everything. Since Lynda has spent more than 17 years helping people with impairments find jobs, she also offers advice on how to make our kids more employable.

Lynda also tackles many other issues that parents face, such as how to communicate with their children about sex, spirituality, and even money.

What Message Does the Book Want Readers to Comprehend?

She wants readers to understand that they aren’t alone with all that they’re going through. They can do this thing called “parenting,” maybe not flawlessly, but they can do it with love. This is the message and the essential lesson Lynda wants readers to take away from the book.

Embracing one’s imperfections as parents, readers allow themselves to release stress strains and discover how to let love lead their lives genuinely. The book offers practical tools to parent your child with disabilities as best as possible.

This allows parents to care for themselves, aid their kids in discovering their passion, and help them enhance their gifts so that they can live a more empowered existence.

Is The Power of Imperfect Parents Worth Reading?

First-time parents may find the thought and action of raising a kid to be scary. Parents often feel the kind of panic they’d often think is similar to slowly sinking into quicksand. The fear of not knowing what to do keeps them up at night and filled with stress 24/7.

Every mother and father aims to raise their children as best as possible. They would need all the help they can get, and that’s where Lynda Drake’s book comes in. Lynda’s book is super helpful for every parent out there, and it is readily available for people to get.

A book review says, “Lynda offers helpful tips and insights to help parents face the unique challenge of raising children with special needs.”

Let’s Get to Know Lynda Drake a Little Bit More

Since 2006, Lynda Drake has been a job creator and program manager at Bayaud Enterprises. She has helped more than a thousand people who are going through homelessness with the job search they’re engaged in.

Beyond Money, a book about money from a spiritual perspective, and The Power of Imperfect Parents, a book about raising children with unique needs, are both works by Lynda. Lynda is eager to be genuine and inform her readers of her parenting struggles and successes.

Grab a Copy of the Book Today

Raising kids with disabilities and other health issues is complex, so Lynda Drake wants to aid other parents who have been through the same thing. With that said, grab a copy of the practical tools to parent your child with disabilities found in her book, The Power of Imperfect Parents.

Also, check out the blogs on Lynda’s website by clicking here to learn more about parenting and raising children with disabilities!


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