Author Feature: Lynda Drake on Motherhood Pressure

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Parents take it upon themselves to be the best, to not make remotely wrong decisions, fearing that it will influence their children. However, Lynda Drake begs to differ. She believes they don’t have to be perfect to be great guidance.

The transition to parenthood is a major milestone in people’s lives, commonly accompanied by happiness. But what comes with the delight of parenting is the pressure, especially on women.

Society has deemed motherhood as one, if not the only, central goal for women, the essence of their existence. Their lives won’t be complete or meaningful unless they’ve birthed and cared for children, devoting their lives to motherhood. While this norm may have contributed to a positive view of mothers, it’s also one of the reasons why women beat themselves up the moment they become mothers.

As the initial and fundamental guide in children’s lives, they’re bestowed the crucial responsibility of starting their development right. And although there isn’t any blueprint to follow about motherhood, mothers have this innate fear of failing to meet society’s standards. Instead of embracing motherhood, they walk on eggshells, fearing influencing children the wrong way.

Easing the Pressure of Perfection on Parents

Regardless of mothers’ decisions, there will always be a gnawing feeling that something is wrong. Mothers expect nothing less than perfection when caring for their children. Having carried them for months and experiencing the painful birth process, no mother would want to mess them up.

In today’s time, when it seems that everyone has ultimate access to every moment, motherhood becomes even more overwhelming. Everyone has different opinions. And although different doesn’t necessarily mean wrong, these may still lead to parents doubting their competency and how right they’re raising their children. In fact, studies say that most mothers believe they’re doing an inferior job, with a fraction avoiding talking about their struggles for fear of getting judged.

Unfortunately, pressured and hesitating mothers may never amount to something. Second-guessing how they treat and behave with their children won’t help them better. Instead, it will lead to inconsistencies and perhaps avoidance. Motherhood doesn’t come with a manual. But mothers and authors are willing to extend a helping hand.

A Practical Guide to Motherhood

Primarily a practical parenting tool specifically for mothers with children suffering from disabilities, The Power of Imperfect Parents can be an excellent assistant for motherhood.

In her book, Lynda Drake shares her parenting journey in raising three beautiful children with differences and diagnoses. While her experience differs, given the needs of children with disabilities are more complex, other mothers will still gain insight from her and the wisdom she’d acquired over time.

Successfully raising children with disabilities is no easy feat. When pressure already exists for mothers regardless, juggling a more daunting responsibility doubles this pressure for Lynda. But instead of breaking and feeling burnt out, she found a way to free herself from this stress and find happiness in embracing her unique means of motherhood. Now, she’s sharing bits and pieces of her wisdom to pressure moms before they give up, finding a way out of their situation.

The Power of Imperfect Parents is precisely what the title entails. It’s a guide for parents to thrive in their imperfections instead of stressing to achieve the opposite. Lynda Drake reminds other parents that children don’t need perfect parents but genuine affection from them, despite their mistakes.

Lynda Drake, an Author With Several Advocacies

Authors become authors because they have a piece of themselves to share. They have a message to impart to society that could help its ailing members. This is also Lynda Drake’s motivation and inspiration for writing her book. Outside being an author, Lynda is a mother of three. And it’s safe to say that her children contributed a lot to fueling her to write about her authentic journey.

Having people with disabilities and disorders close to her heart, Lynda has also advocated for helping individuals suffering from the same circumstances. She has created a class to alleviate stress and ease these people’s discomfort. Her A.B.C’s of Stress Relief has been proven to help empower individuals to let go of stress through acceptance, blessings, and self-love.

If there’s anything Lynda Drake wishes to impart to her readers more than anything else, it’s to keep fear as a friend. This doesn’t mean she’s encouraging people to stay fearful and cower against it. Instead, it’s to remind everyone that fear guides people toward safety and be more welcoming of love.


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