The Love We Have

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First, I would like to thank the Authors’ Lounge for giving me the opportunity to share my story.

When I began my first writing experience at nine, it was for a class project I was not interested in participating in. Still, that assignment about me being secluded in a mall with my friends helped me realize how much I liked writing and being able to explore writing various stories.

While writing short stories throughout the years, I decided to publish my first novel, In Love With My Best Friend, in 2013. That book led me on my publishing journey, writing over 50 books in 10 years. With all of my books, I wanted to share relatable stories with readers so that they could put themselves in the characters’ shoes in real-life situations. That was the premise for my latest novel, The Love We Have. This story is the first book in my new series, Forever Love,  a spin-off of another series, The Love Chronicles.

The Love We Have centers around Regina and Damien, who are a newly married couple that is struggling with the first two years of their marriage. From in-laws unexpectedly moving into their brand new home to an ex reappearing, The Love We Have tackles issues that couples may face, and that’s something that I wanted to envision with this story. From young readers to married couples, I want readers to go through Regina and Damien’s journey and feel every emotion they’re experiencing throughout their story. I want readers to live through the happy moments that Regina and Damien shared, the struggles that the couple both experienced individually with their careers and the path they wanted to take, which will affect not only themselves but with their marriage, as well as the love they have for each other are tested. I’m a hopeless romantic, so I’m a big believer in being in love and working through issues when there are problems because no relationship is perfect; a couple has to work together to make their relationship grow and prosper.

That’s why I admire the relationship between Regina and Damien. The two were friends before they became romantically involved. Being friends is the most important element of a relationship because they know each other inside and out. Although they’re young, they still see the importance of love and working together to keep their romance alive.

The Love We Have is the first book in the Forever Love series, and each book will explain a couple’s journey that was a part of The Love Chronicles series. Readers will go through each couple’s experiences to see that no matter their issues, love will overcome them and much more.

As for what’s ahead, I plan to publish more stories, mainly from the Forever Love series, as well as stories from other series. I recently celebrated my 10th author anniversary, so it’s wonderful to see my growth as an author and how much I have accomplished so far. I know there are other goals I would love to strive for in the future, but I’m looking at what I have been through to get to where I am now. There have been challenges, but I have overcome them. I know there’s more I will achieve to become a well-known author, and that’s by putting in hard work and determination to make that a reality.

With stories such as The Love We Have, I know I have much more stories to write and for people to read. The sky’s the limit, and I’m ready for whatever my future will hold for me and my career.


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