Finding Truth: An Unexpected Journey

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What is the book all about?

‘Finding Truth’ explores themes of self-discovery, learning and knowledge, success and failure, sciences, and spirituality as well as sharing insights into the life of Philippa Sue Richardson. You are invited on this journey of self-discovery and reflection.

You will find 7 Chapters in Finding Truth.

These include:

Chapter 1
Finding Yourself
Travel and escapism
Drugs for mind expansion
Relationships and love

Chapter 2
Finding Guidance
Tools to succeed
Spiritual Practices
Healing and healers

Chapter 3
Finding Knowledge
Formal Education
Metaphysical sciences
Psychic development

Chapter 4
Finding Spirituality
Choices and the individual

Chapter 5
Finding Failure
Mental health

Chapter 6
Finding Science
The Future and the Unknown
Psychological Sciences
The Problems

Chapter 7
Finding Meaning
My Personal Journey

What inspired me to write this book?

I was researching for my Doctorate in Metaphysics. During this time I had been reading many articles and publications on Metaphysics, Spirituality, Mental Health, and Psychology. The information I was reading was highly thought-provoking and generated more questions within me, than answers it was providing. It was the process of research and study of Metaphysics, which brought about my quest to write this book.

This book came about as a collection of topics of interest to me at the time of writing it. From Mental Health and Spirituality to Philosophy and Metaphysics. I drafted the outline based on my main interests at the time, to develop the structure of a book I’d want to read myself. I was so inspired by my research to contribute to the philosophical thoughts on the topics covered in Finding Truth.

Target Audience

People who are questioning their own beliefs and struggling to find their place in the world. Anyone seeking guidance or inspiration on their own journey of truth and self-discovery. For those curious enough to read about metaphysics, philosophy, psychological inquiry, drug use, spiritual practices, education, and finding love.

I hope to reach the readers of Authors Lounge and beyond.

What do I hope readers get from this book?

A new sense of understanding, contemplation, questioning, and self-reflection. I hope readers can learn something new, discover new perspectives, and generate their own deep questioning of truth and self. I hope to inspire others to pursue further knowledge and begin a new understanding of themselves, their place in the world, and what they too can contribute to this world.

Future goals and plans for this book.

I aim to get this book into the hands of those who need it most. I want to reach a broad audience worldwide, to inspire them on a path of self-discovery. It is a goal to have this work studied in classes for philosophical inquiry or metaphysical studies. I hope to have physical books on shelves in libraries worldwide.

My marketing efforts are personal. It is in my hands alone to market this book. Slowly but surely, I hope to reach my target audience. Efforts have included sharing on social media, YouTube, TikTok, and here in the Authors Lounge. The plans for this book are ongoing and efforts will be made for many years to come.

More about me.

Author Biography

I have lived, worked, and studied in Sydney, Hobart, and Melbourne throughout my 30 + years of existence. It was in the northern suburbs of Melbourne I made my nest.

Pursuing a career in writing has proven to be no easy task. I have written for community publications, published seven books, and written about a thousand articles online. My working life has included working in customer service, laboring for factories and tree planting, working in the amazing Events Industry across Australia, working for major venues in Melbourne and the State Government of Victoria, and running small events for my own small business.

My interests have led me to study quite a range of different fields, from Fitness to Crystal Healing, Therapeutic Dance Practices to Sound Healing Practitioner Certificates. In 2020 I successfully completed my Doctorate in Metaphysics. Knowledge, for me, brings its own rewards. If you have an interest in something, pursue it, the rewards and possibilities are endless. Through passionate pursuits, we find greater meaning in our lives.

My writings have ranged from poetry, recipes, advice, psychic revelations, metaphysical musings, and ideas, to women’s issues, our emotional journey and life events. We just never know where the future might take us.



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