The Fighting Spirit: Defending the Christian Faith!

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Spiritual Warfare Through Christian Unity by Bill McCracken is a useful guidebook full of hopeful and insightful lessons on how to survive as a Christian in a world of darkness.

There is a hidden war going on across the world, and it’s one waged against honest and God-fearing Christians. That’s why Bill McCracken has come up with the brilliantly insightful Spiritual Warfare Through Christian Unity, an intensely transformative and provocative layout of the many challenges that are facing the almost 40,000 Christian denominations across the world today.

Discover what it means to be a Christian and learn why it is imperative to unite with others against this quiet erosion of faith. 

“…[A] household divided against itself will not stand.” These are words often remembered as being spoken by Abraham Lincoln during his campaign to become the senator of Illinois, yet this is old wisdom and comes from Matthew 12:25. When he spoke this line, he was referring to the growing tension between the Northern and Southern states, correctly predicting that if they could not reconcile their differences, they would fall out with one another. Thankfully, for all of Christianity, the division of the Union was a short-lived one, and nothing greatly untoward happened in the end.

But there could have been.

And that is the terror of division. If the churches that follow Christ across the world cannot learn to stand together, then perhaps there will be unimaginable consequences. 

There is great power in unity. Through a united Christian front, overcoming the forces of evil becomes more likely, and standing up for the faith becomes more achievable with stronger, more unified voices. The fighting spirit burns ever brighter when together with a thousand more voices. Moreover, Jesus himself and God have faith in unity among their followers.

Defending the Christian Faith

Spiritual harm is being inflected constantly onto Christians when they constantly keep up their walls and sustain their divisions among themselves. This is even more apparent when you consider that these lines–drawn along differences in interpretations, race, and nations–are completely ephemeral and hold no actual bearing on faith.

Further fragmentation is further enriching the enemy of the faith. Instead of uniting together to become an impregnable bulwark, Christians are instead distancing themselves from one another. It is imperative to defend the faith that the many disparate churches unite and fight against the one and true enemy: Satan and his demons.

Other churches, other believers, and other faithful are not the issue, and all Christians must learn to recognize that the true battlefield is in the spiritual realm where the soul transcends the physical body. The fighting spirit present in the minds of all Christians quietly yearns to contend against the evil machinations of Satan and his forces.

It is through the divine Armor of God that authority over the spiritual realm is realized, but this can only be done when all Christians fight as one and become united against evil and darkness. Only then are the heavenly host and the millions of avenging souls empowered to overcome the unrelenting invasion of thousands upon thousands of evil spirits looking to divide humanity into cities, nations, and states.

The Fighting Spirit

As a Christian, one should believe that evil can be overcome by faith, prayer, and unity with one another. The Bible teaches that God is greater than any evil in the world and that through Jesus Christ, all Christians have the power to overcome evil. 

By standing firm in their faith and relying on God’s strength, Christians can resist evil and live a life that honors Him.

Through forgiveness and love, Christians can be a light in a dark world and bring hope to those who may be lost in the darkness.


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