The Facility

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Many claim we live in a free country based on our rights.

The fourth amendment specifically acts to protect us from ‘unlawful search and seizure’. Yet, our government to do as it wills so long as it is in their best interest and sometimes their interests do not coincide with ours.

The story takes place in Maine sometime in the future when humanity is at its tipping point, preparing to topple into the chaos of a national psychosis. Edward Drake, a banker at TDAmerasian is soon to discover what his government can do when the necessity arises. His wife Anja is a doctor working in a clinic near the edge of what was once Westbrook. Desperately wanting to leave their neighborhood for someplace less riddled with bullet holes she talks him into buying a house located in a quieter part of Portland.

As soon as they move in Edward and Anja begin talking about having a family but there is one bit of bureaucracy they must deal with. They must get tested first. Under the ‘Well Baby Initiative’ all who are planning to have children must be screened as a matter of record. But something is amiss and Edward has his suspicions. And while he cannot be sure of what it really going on he must still submit to the process. Meantime, Anja has been screened and assures her husband that is nothing to worry about.

Convinced the program is there for the good of raising quality children,

Edward gives in and reporting for his screening starts to realize that the ‘Well baby initiative’ is actually a front for something far more sinister. After being assaulted at the testing office he wakes to find himself strapped to a stretcher in what looks like a hospital. Shortly after his arrival, he meets the ‘administrator’ a cruel man who chooses Edward as his own personal project. He is as cruel towards him as he is to the staff. And to his surprise, he, like the rest of the staff is a federal agent charged with grim task of carrying out the government’s agenda.

Trapped in the underground facility somewhere in the remote area of Jay, Maine Edward,

finally realizing the reason why he has been taken there commits himself to escaping at any cost. But Anja has been approached by authorities and informed of the fatal accident that has taken Edward away from her. Caught up in the rouse created for her she begins mourning but with the comfort of her mother Anja is able to start down the long path to normalcy. Unbeknownst to her Edward is still alive and continuing his efforts to escape.

However, as a result of the administrator’s cruelty dissention has risen among the staff and eventually they rebel, leaving the administrator dead. As part of their plan the electricity to the facility is shut off, risking the lives everyone. Disillusioned by the work they have been conducting and with the administrator dead, the staff has decided to leave, each going into hiding. But as assets of the government each is found out and ‘retired’ leaving one technician behind to die in the pitch black of the now locked down facility.

One might ask how I would be able to conceive of such a story. After several years of service in the United States Air Force I took the time to read a series of unclassified documents. These pertained to a few of our government’s questionable actions, all in the name of national security. Additionally, I read of such programs as the Russian sleep experiment, operation Northwoods, and the planetary defense policy. I discovered that, indeed, the government can do whatever it wants. With this reality in mind, I pieced together a ‘what if’ story outlining a prototype plan established for the purpose of population control.

I was raised in a small town in Upstate New York, where I received the bulk of my education—earning an Associate degree from Fulton-County Community College and a Bachelor’s degree from the State University of New York at Albany. Upon relocating to Maine some years later, I earned an Associate of Science degree in New Media. The sum of my education contributed heavily to my skills, as studying at the university level involved a great deal of writing.

Having spent a great deal of time working with people, I was exposed to more tragedy than one should be exposed to. Being unable to alleviate the pain common to the human condition, I began releasing my demons on paper, writing the work I now produce. It is my hope that those who read my work enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it.


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