The Demon Secret by Daniel Gindlesperger

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Origins of The Demon Secret

The Demon Secret is a project that was born out of asking “Why?”. As a lover of horror, the idea of demons possessing the innocent is a common theme. But the reason for why they do it’s really never explained, what is the outcome of all their hard work. The idea hit me like a bolt of lightning, they need to feed.

The concept as explained in the book goes much deeper, further explanation would spoil what I hope’s a fun read. It was very important for me to add some fun and levity to a dark subject. Creating more well-rounded characters, that are more than what they do. You will get to meet our three renegade priests who have been segregated from the flock for knowing too much about why demons do what they do.

On the other side of humor, there is darkness and parts that brought tears to my eyes as the writer. These people lived in my head for almost a year, so you get attached. The human side of these people is what I feel creates the sense of immersion as you feel a part of their journey and want to help them through the hard times. 

Introducing Father Luke: A Man of Conviction

Father Luke our main character is a priest who wants to do the right thing and help people no matter what happens to him. He is not a superhero or has special powers. He is a man who just wants to make the world a better place. Father Luke is willing to put his safety to the side and try to understand why demons populate the living so he can stop them. His selflessness creates a situation where Father Luke is asked to spend time with three mentors who can help him better understand the demons he is fighting. 

Meeting the Three Mentors

The three mentors he’s sent to, help Father Luke to not only understand the demon’s secrets he’s been asking about. But also give him lessons in true brotherhood. He learned the importance of being a part of something bigger than he had ever thought of.

Uncovering a Dangerous Secret

As he learns more, Father Luke also discovers that the secret he is looking for. The reason for the demons’ power on earth, is a deeply guarded secret in the church. A secret so dangerous that people within the church are willing to kill or be killed to hide the deadly truth. Father Luke has to hide while trying to protect his friends as he continues to fight for the truth.

Inviting Readers into the World

When I read a book, I want to be able to smell the air, feel the warmth, and be immersed in the world that is before me. This is how I want my work to feel to the readers like they are more than readers, they are part of the journey. I want you to be a part of Father Luke’s journey and feel his emotional roller coaster during this story.

The Demon Secret is available on Amazon.


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