The Dawn of AI

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I am grateful to the Author’s Lounge for affording me this opportunity to share my passion for science fiction writing.

The Dawn of AI is a captivating novel that takes readers on a thrilling journey through a futuristic world that is both fascinating and terrifying. It is the first book in the PAPER War series and sets the stage for a sweeping epic that explores the potential benefits and drawbacks of AI technology, while also celebrating humanity’s unique strengths and resilience.

Set in the year 2040, The Dawn of AI depicts a world that has become dependent on artificial intelligence, with advanced technology driving every aspect of life. However, a catastrophic software malfunction leads to the deaths of millions of innocent people, prompting a group of adventurers to set out and uncover the truth behind the Mayday events.

The ensemble cast of characters is one of the novel’s greatest strengths, with each member of the team bringing their own unique skills and perspectives to the table. Each character is fully fleshed out and emotionally resonant, making it easy to become invested in their journey.

One of the most remarkable characters is Manar Saleem,

a coding and tech genius who has created one of the most advanced AIs in existence, Helene. Helene is not just a machine but also a labor of love for Manar, who has built an entire empire around her creation. The power and influence that Manar wields through Helene is significant and far-reaching.

Ndidi Okafor is another important character in the story. As the head researcher at the Okafor Autism Centre, Ndidi has conducted groundbreaking research on autism spectrum disorder, thanks to the generous funding provided by her father. Despite her youth, Ndidi’s intelligence and abilities have earned her a position of respect in the scientific community. She is currently attending Harvard and leading a team of researchers focused on finding new ways to help those affected by autism.

In addition to Manar and Ndidi,

there are three other crucial players in the story: Jose, DJ, and CJ. Jose is a former CIA agent who is widely recognized as one of the best in his field. His expertise and experience make him a valuable asset to any team. DJ and CJ are twins, each with their own unique skills and experiences. CJ is a patient of Ndidi’s, and his struggles with autism have given DJ a deep understanding and appreciation for the challenges that people with disabilities face. DJ is also a Navy SEAL, bringing his physical and mental strength to the team.

Together, these characters form a powerful and dynamic group, each bringing their own strengths and expertise to the table. Their collective intelligence and determination make them a force to be reckoned with, capable of achieving great things. As the story unfolds, they will face challenges and obstacles that will test their skills and their resolve. But with their unique talents and unwavering determination, they are sure to emerge victorious.

As the team delves deeper into the mystery of Mayday, they uncover a vast conspiracy that threatens to destroy humanity as we know it. Even as they face seemingly insurmountable odds, they never lose sight of the fact that it is the human element that will ultimately save the day.

At its core, The Dawn of AI is a cautionary tale that explores the potential risks and rewards of AI technology. It highlights the importance of maintaining human oversight and control over these powerful tools while also acknowledging the incredible potential that they hold.

As someone who has spent years working in the tech industry, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this novel. I have seen firsthand the amazing things that AI can do, but I have also witnessed the dangers that can arise when it is not used responsibly. I hope to spark important conversations about the role that technology should play in our lives and how we can ensure that it is used for the greater good.

But The Dawn of AI is more than just a cautionary tale. It is a celebration of humanity’s unique quirks and strengths, even in the face of overwhelming adversity. From the team’s witty banter to their unwavering determination, the novel is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

As a father of twin boys, I drew inspiration from my own family’s colorful stories and used them to create a world that is both exciting and relatable. I am grateful to my family for their unwavering support throughout this project, and I am excited to share this book with readers around the world.

Whether you are a die-hard science fiction fan or just someone who enjoys a good thriller, The Dawn of AI is sure to capture your imagination and keep you turning pages late into the night. So why not take a journey into the future and see what lies in store for humanity?

The Dawn of AI is available now on Amazon in Kindle, paperback, and hardcover editions.

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable adventure!


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