The Book of Blah. Random Thoughts for Boring Days By Pamela Aye Simon

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Thank you to Author’s Lounge for helping me to proudly present my book entitled

 The Book of Blah. Random Thoughts for Boring Days.

When was the last time you really laughed?  I mean the side-splitting, out-of-control kind of laughing? For laughter which takes you away from your troubles, you need to read  my new book. Described as a book which is “inspiration-free, guaranteed,” this is spoof on the daily inspirational books with touching messages for each day.  Instead, it contains random, funny comments on everyday life events.

Let me explain

To help me face the day, I sometimes take a few minutes

to read books containing daily inspirational messages.

Within the pages, the words of enlightenment hold the potential of

increasing my creativity, clarity, strength, and wisdom.

In a perfect world, this enlightenment happens daily.

In my world, however, true inspiration is a rare event.

Most mornings, II wake up feeling like a bumbling idiot.

Confusion and cynicism make my goals and my dreams seem stupid.

In those moments, I can hardly remember whether

I ever had higher spiritual goals, and I really don’t care.

The Book of Blah was written with those foggy days in mind.

This book’s stupid, purpose-free daily messages

can offer comfort and humor to the life of the uninspired reader.

More importantly, however, The Book of Blah can teach individuals how to find

entertainment value in laughing at themselves and making fun of others.

Amazingly, this activity is probably the most advanced lesson

in the long road to spiritual enlightenment that anyone can learn!


As described by one reviewer, “The Book of Blah is a work of a genius sharing her wisdom gained by her life experience as an allied health provider, musician, mother, and caregiver of rescued animals in this low cost and yet priceless compendium of wisdom and dry humor…this book should be on the shelves of every library.” It is definitely worth buying. This book is more than a good read. It is humor that heals.

The Book of Blah is filled with humorous, unconventional daily messages which offer delightful comic relief in the midst of the most chaotic of days. This read has the power to enchant the souls of readers everywhere.

So, immerse yourself in this delightfully relatable and light-hearted literature,

lighten-up your day and learn to laugh at yourself. Read a page from The Book of Blah and you might just, as one reviewer put it, “jump-start your sense of humor!”


This is the perfect gift book for your best friend, sister (brother), mother (father), (daughter or son), or anyone needing a break from being a serious grown-up.” 


Pamela Simon, MS,RD,LDN is a Master’s-level Registered Dietitian who wrote The Book of Blah while she was taking time off from her career to home-school with her daughter. During this time, she had extra thought energy, which allowed her to see her life differently. In the author’s words : “all of the sudden, many of life’s little struggles seemed silly and ridiculous. Sharing the humor in these events became important to me. I wanted to help others to lighten up, learn to laugh at their daily challenges, and stop taking themselves so seriously.”

Pam owns her own company called Soulutions to You, Inc., where she is a nutrition consultant, teacher and counselor. She teaches classes in minimal-movement senior exercise, and she counsels clients with eating – related self esteem issues on how to feel better about themselves and their eating behaviors and body size.

In spite of her profession, Pam loves Twinkees and hates exercise classes. She believes people need to enjoy eating again without counting grams or calories and without guilt for loving their favorite foods, healthy or not.

She lives with her family and various rescued animals in a suburb of Chicago, IL.

Her dream is to live in a log cabin on the water (any water) and to always have room for a life traveler who needs hope and a warm bed. Pam’s greatest love is for her daughter, who she describes as “full of light.”


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