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ReadersMagnet features Eric Chifunda, an author who sets out to uplift people.

Spirituality is linked to many aspects of human life. Spiritual people have a positive outlook on the meaning and purpose of life. Spirituality leads toward a better life, growth, and fulfillment. Many have tried to help others find spirituality; one of them is Eric Chifunda. Get to know Eric Chifunda and his works. 

Eric Chifunda 

Eric Chifunda is an accomplished Occupational Therapy specialist in New York City. He is well-versed in hand and upper quarter rehab. He works as an independent contractor. He earned his degree from Drexel University in Philadelphia last 2008. Chifunda has a long, demonstrated history of working in the hospital and healthcare industry. Team building and public speaking are his strong points. 

He also studied Fine Arts at the National Academy School of Fine Arts in New York City. Moreover, he works as an actor and artist who intertwines visionary, representational, and abstract forms. awarded him the Editor’s Choice Award in 2006. He also received an award from the International Library of Poetry. 

As an author, Eric Chifunda wrote three books, An Endless Quest for Spiritual Truth: A Practical Guide to Everyday Spirituality, Selected Inspirational Quotes, and Potent Quotes for Soul. All his works are self-help books that will lead readers to improve their spirituality and well-being. Listen to him, and any reader will be elevated to a higher level of life. His books will provoke readers to have a positive and fresh perspective to varied situations in life. 

As a student of truth, Chifunda strongly believes in the affirmation, “…not all truth is given to one person. Therefore, no one has a monopoly on truth. I believe that each one of us may know something about the truth that another may not know. Thus, it behooves us to listen to one another for we can all learn from one another irrespective of one’s religion or socioeconomic standing in life.”

He is a motivated man who endeavors to create art equipped to open the hearts of people. Chifunda can make even the intricate spiritual truths easy to understand and comprehend for any seeker of truth. He hopes to guide readers in their daily lives and decision-making. Learn from him and take away knowledge for the soul to guide anyone to living a fulfilled life. 

Works by Eric Chifunda

An Endless Quest for Spiritual Truth

Chifunda released An Endless Quest for Spiritual Truth in 2017 to explore the spiritual truth about life, love, and God in the daily lives of humanity. Come to learn and understand more the external conditions of life, for better or worse, for the most part, a product of beliefs, thoughts, actions, and choices from which stems attitudes. The book will awaken awareness and perception of life. With this comes a better understanding of attitude, a transformation of life, improvement in thinking, feelings, and choices. Hence, resulting in a life filled with joy, freedom, love, wisdom, inner peace, and fulfillment. 

Selected Inspirational Quotes

Selected Inspirational Quotes contains notable quotes from Chifunda’s An Endless Quest for Spiritual Truth. The chosen quotes aim to help readers gain more in-depth spiritual insight into his//her daily life. Readers can randomly open any page to get the most out of the book. Each quote can relate to the questions readers may have. The wisdom it brings will help anyone get through the day. This book will be a nugget of spiritual truth that will awaken one’s spirituality. 

Potent Quotes for Soul

Potent Quotes for Soul: Uplifting Quotes for Modern Life is a book that will present words of enlightenment, wisdom, and encouragement. These words are messages from various guardian angels, who act as spiritual guides. They bring these words to enlighten the consciousness known to humankind. This book aimed to uplift readers and equipped with vigor and spiritual direction. 


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