The Benefits of Using Scientific Insights in Writing Spiritual Books

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These days, the gap between science and spirituality is continuously being bridged by literature. This is where the benefits of using scientific insights come in to the picture.

Below are the benefits of using scientific insights when creating works that discuss spirituality and spiritual well-being.

Being Scientific Adds Credibility to Your Work and to Your Mission.

This is perhaps the most important aspect that every writer and reader wants- credibility. Spirituality and religion are very controversial and sensitive topics. More often than not, there would be doubters and skeptics lurking about and aiming to find a hole in your argument, or whatever it is you want to say or prove. Using scientific insights in your book ensures that your work is based on facts and solid data. If you are going to write about Christianity and the scriptures, a load of historical data about the Bible or testimonials based on canon sources from leading authorities can certainly boost your credibility.

Science and Spirituality Both Pursue the Same Goals and Answers.

The recent years have witnessed the fusion of science and religion. The two fundamental institutions have been largely supportive of each other these recent years. One of the reasons for this trust and respect is that both institutions recognized that in order to help humanity survive the challenges of the modern world and answer all the quintessential questions about life and existence, they must learn to work together. The drive to better understand our behaviors and what makes us truly human have always brought together the inquisitive minds of both science and church. On that premise alone, it is safe to say that the two forces have the same goal. Writing about spirituality using scientific insights certainly can benefit your goal.

Using Scientific Insights Means Being Comprehensive and Focused.

Using scientific insights means using scientific methods of research and probing. If there is one thing that separates science from religious institutions, that is researched and proven facts. More often than not, many of the church declarations, traditions, and practices are not founded on facts and research. If you can write a book on spirituality, religion, or culture and be able to incorporate scientific insights in the process, that would be truly remarkable and rare. Spirituality is based on faith and beliefs. By featuring scientific methods and research in your book, you ensure that you have sound content that covers all aspects of your agenda.

Backing It Up With Sciences Also Means Helping to Bridge the Gap.

Having recognized the important contributions of science and religion as two fundamental forces, it is now the moral obligation of every conscious author writing about spirituality to bridge the gap between these two institutions. Including scientific insights in a book about religion, faith, or spirituality recognizes that science can help explain your book. In Neil Griffen’s From Science to Spirituality, he shares that “there is significant data to support the benefits of using scientific insights when analyzing spiritual issues, and this includes the often volatile debate regarding the existence of one God.” Indeed, science can help put forward a more convincing approach to discussing many topics that deal with these concepts.

Books on Spirituality Based on Sciences attract commercial success.

These days, many literary works tackle spiritual wellness, self-help, faith, religion, wellness, and other topics that deal with spirituality. However, those literary materials on spirituality that are backed by science and scientific insights are likely to attract readers. Modern readers are now more keen on getting proofs, facts, and solid explanations. Those are things that only science can provide. Credibility and facts interest readers the most as they don’t have time for dubious and irrational reads. Readers want to be inspired and to know that what they are reading will be beneficial for them and for goals such as self-awareness, improving one’s perspectives, and the betterment of their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Neil C. Griffen is a physicist and expert medium. He is the author of the book From Science to Spirituality. To know more about his ideas, you can purchase a copy of his book or visit his author’s website today.


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