Book Feature: Wait… the Reality Is That We Are Never Alone by Brenda Gatliff

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Wait… the Reality Is That We Are Never Alone by Brenda Gatliff is a book that gives assurance to all of us who believe in the presence of God.

Although our faith in God is set in stone, we can’t help but feel as though we’re all alone sometimes. But thanks to Brenda Gatliff’s book, we can understand that our spiritual experiences influence our worldview and embark on a journey towards spiritual connection and purpose. It’s a pretty amazing book that we all should certainly read at least once.

With that said, we’d like to invite you to join us as we learn more about the book. We’ll be discussing what the book is all about, what readers can expect, and whether it’s worth your time!

What Is Wait… the Reality Is That We Are Never Alone All About?

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Brenda Gatliff describes incredible spiritual experiences that defy comprehension and provide a window into a realm beyond our own in her book Wait… The Reality is That We Are Never Alone. Her stories take readers to otherworldly places where the corporeal and spiritual merge. The synchronicities and divine interventions reveal God’s unseen guidance.

Gatliff’s stories inspire a sense of purpose and spirituality. Her evocative descriptions evoke strong feelings and give us comfort in the knowledge that a higher power is in charge of our existence. This book extends beyond simple storytelling; it questions how we understand reality and the size of the cosmos.

Wait… The Reality is That We Are Never Alone uplifts, transforms, and inspires. It looks at secrets beyond awareness, faith, and fortitude. Set out on an enthralling adventure that will ignite the creative inside you and broaden your knowledge of our interrelatedness.

What Can Readers Expect From the Book?

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The book’s purpose is to assure everyone that God is with us. Those looking to embark on a journey towards spiritual connection and purpose may also use the book as their guide. However, aside from that, readers are also provided with an enjoyable spiritual story for their reading palates.

Here are some excerpts from the book:

1. Page 11“Vision of Don’s Accident”: Then through mental telepathy, my father spoke to me and said, “You don’t understand, I haven’t come to take him, I have come to save him”

2. Page 15 & 16“‘Small Vision of the Other Side’: I told him I did not understand, and he said, ‘I’ve come to show you a little bit of where I have been.’ He reached out, opened a big portal in the air with both hands and instructed me to come with him and step through this Hugh hole into what he told me was the other side.

3. Page 23“‘You Gotta Lean Into The Curves of Life’: Donnie suddenly pulled over on the side of the road, got off and said ‘we are coming up on some curves ahead and you must remember that just like in life, you have to lean into the curves, don’t fight them, just go with them. When you encounter a problem or an obstacle, just face it. Everything will straighten out in the end just fine.'”

Is Wait… the Reality Is That We Are Never Alone Worth It?

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Let us provide you with a short and straight answer: one hundred percent yes! This book will undoubtedly be a worthy addition to your bookshelf, and we wish you good luck as you embark on a journey towards spiritual connection and purpose.

We highly recommend that you grab a copy of Brenda Gatliff’s Wait… the Reality Is That We Are Never Alone today. Don’t forget to also check out our article about finding your authentic selves through spiritual awakening!


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