The Bastard of Beverly Hills

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Welcome to the riveting world of “The Bastard of Beverly Hills,” a book that explores the tumultuous journey of self-discovery.

In “The Bastard of Beverly Hills,” the protagonist grapples with identity, deception, and ultimately, forgiveness. Unveil the secrets hidden behind the glamour of Beverly Hills and join us on an emotional journey where “The Bastard of Beverly Hills” discovers the truth, confronts his past, and finds hope in a brighter future.

This compelling narrative delves into themes of late-discovery adoption, identity crisis, and the powerful impact of forgiveness, making it a must-read for those seeking a profound, thought-provoking story.

Questioning Identity and Origins

Have you ever considered the possibility that everything you’ve been taught about yourself is a total fabrication—a well-intentioned lie orchestrated by those you dearly love to keep you safe or, perhaps, in the hopes you won’t run away from them? That surreal yet traumatic experience is more common than you may think.

Discovery of Hidden Truths

I was nearly thirty before discovering, rather serendipitously, the dark and lurid secrets that shrouded my adoption in the nineteen seventies. It’s the subject of my new book, The Bastard of Beverly Hills.

Navigating Emotional Uncertainty

Like most late-discovery adoptees, these shocking revelations instantly catapulted me into a minefield of emotional uncertainty. I came undone and almost succumbed to my demons. Yet ultimately, accepting the ugly truth about my origins illuminated my nihilistic perspectives on nature versus nurture, helping me take ownership of my life’s direction. Until that moment, I was hopelessly unmoored, drifting aimlessly into a hurricane without a moral compass or lighthouse to signal I might be off course.

Journey to Self-Discovery

And that’s why my latest book, The Bastard of Beverly Hills, isn’t merely a coming-of-age story set against the background that is the entertainment industry. It’s an unapologetic and raw testimonial of growing up in the United States, a story map that explores a sensitive, important issue so many youths today, across every demographic, are grappling with—their identity. For anybody feeling like they’re drowning in a sea of cultural conformity and groupthink, I hope this book will help them to understand they don’t need to sacrifice their individuality or creativity to achieve a sense of belonging.

Deception and Identity Crisis

Initially, having been lied to for three decades and convinced I was a Sephardic Jew, I felt robbed, victimized, and out of place. My loving yet misguided adoptive parents had gone so far as to give me a genuinely Latin name, Rafael, and tried to throw me off their trail when I began suspecting something was awry. Naturally, I was livid when I first uncovered their ruse and learned I was, ironically, German by birth! For a time, I believed, rightly to some degree, that my entire existence was based on a forgery.

Reconstructing the Past

I predictably spiraled into what I’ve described in my book as a darkroom, which would serve as a virtual blank slate from where pictures of my past began to painfully resurface like a dusty film reel. Compelled to uncover the truth, I scrambled to tape together my tattered childhood memories, often cameoed with famous faces like Michael Landon, O.J. Simpson, and Frank Sinatra. I thought I’d become a new person if I could piece it together. Yet, despite summoning the will to find my truth, the greatest obstacles in my quest for identity lay ahead.

Forgiveness and Moving Forward

That’s partly because the engineer behind my adoption was a notorious attorney, real estate tycoon, NBA owner, and arguably one of the most despised men in the country, Donald T. Sterling. In my case, his objective in obscuring the details of my birth was to protect my adoptive parents and the renowned musical family who’d given up on me. Still, in unraveling their conspiracy and writing this account of my investigation, I was confounded by the prospect that all these antagonists, as improper as their actions may have been, could not be painted with such a broad brush. I would have to find a way to forgive my folks, those mysterious musicians, and even Mr. Sterling if I were ever to move beyond my circumstances and be healed.

A New Beginning

Today, the fictional script that had been my life, once directed behind a curtain, has been given a happier ending. And what I’ve found in reading between the lines of that story has turned out to be much more valuable than any facts about my genetic past. As I came to terms with my identity, I learned that I was also unearthing the spiritual keys to my future. And it’s a much brighter place than the dark cavern where I used to hide from my monsters.

A Blessing and a Curse

To experience a life event as jarring as a late-discovery adoption is a blessing as much as a curse. On the one hand, it lifts you like a tornado in Frank Baum’s Oz and drops you into an unfamiliar, frightening world. But by the end, you know that universe better, and the friendly faces and signs point toward grace rather than fear and hopelessness.

A Message for Young Readers

It’s what I genuinely wish for so many young people struggling with their identity today—to reject the peer pressures directing them toward immediate gratification and embrace friends and virtues that will enrich them over the long term. I want young and old readers to rediscover a world brimming with faith, hope, and charity, regardless of how dark it may sometimes appear when scrolling through their phones.

Life Beyond Beverly Hills

As for me, I’m no longer living in Beverly Hills, although I visit occasionally with my adopted mother, who still lives there. Absolving her is a central theme of my book, and her heart will always be part of what I consider my true “home” and family. But the rest of the year, you can find me holed up somewhere in the mountains of Northwest Montana, writing new stories with my three lively children and loving wife, listening to an old Merle Haggard song on the radio. It’s not Beverly Hills, of course, but it will have to do.


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