Do the Impossible: Mindset Changes to Unlock Potential

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Life gives people everything they deserve. But when things become seemingly too unbearable, a change in mindset can help people achieve the impossible.

Anything is possible.

This mindset makes people champions, a belief that changes their dispositions and how they approach life. Others call this possibility thinking—the ideology that there is a possible solution or feasibility in any situation. People gather the courage to achieve anything they set their minds to. They place no limitations on their ambitions, no restrictions on what they aim to achieve.

Until they’re met with consequential obstacles.

After all, it’s easy to claim anything is possible until something triggers the opposite mindset. There’s a fine line between actually believing nothing is possible and simply wishfully thinking the world functions as such. The latter becomes a waste without making conscious changes and implementing actions. What sets blind belief apart is its lack of action.

A Man’s Story of Attaining What’s Beyond Him

It’s easy to believe that people can do the impossible unless surrounded by every worst-case possible. However, Anthony Candela proves to everyone that perhaps, indeed, anything is possible.

In Stand Up and Sit Out, the author’s heartfelt memoir of a blind person, Anthony takes readers along his journey as someone who’s been taken the privilege of sight. He documents his experiences from being a blind wrestler to a runner, proof that anyone can do the impossible. Despite being deprived of sight, he achieved what most people may not even aim for. Anthony pushed beyond his physical capabilities because he believed he could do the impossible.

If his story teaches readers anything, life boils down to mindset.

People should aim for bigger things, for only this way will they strive to be bigger than their current dispositions. They should believe anything is possible to avoid limiting themselves and win life with the greatest reward they can have. Anthony Candela proves what happens when people believe they can do anything, taking out factors that may stand in their way. With their minds fixed on the prize, they can overcome obstacles and achieve what they truly deserve.

The Mindset That Allows People to Do the Impossible

Any changes people practice are 90% mental. Everything starts with the right mindset; sustaining this would involve mental resolute. Hence, mindset also plays a crucial role in helping people to do the impossible. They must think big to do big and cancel restrictions to achieve the impossible.

When people change their mindsets, they change the basis for their reality. They shift how they perceive things and approach situations. Mindset shapes how their reality will play out and people’s decisions and actions.

There’s no other way to do the impossible than by thinking and doing the impossible.

Attempt and Engage

Nothing happens without an attempt. Regardless of how significantly people’s mindsets have changed, it won’t bring any result without action. To do the impossible, people must be open to attempting what seems absurd. They shouldn’t avoid something simply because they think it’s a crazy situation.

Thinking outside the box often brings the best outcome.

By being open to doing what’s absurd, people open themselves to experiencing something beyond themselves. They don’t limit what they can do to what’s an immediate reality. Impossible can’t be considered through the logical mindset. Instead, it should be viewed as a possibility.

Dwell in the Possibility

To do the impossible, people must dwell in the possible. They shouldn’t consider that the things they’re attempting to achieve are impossible. It’s easy for people to look for reasons why things won’t work because they’re their worst critics. But life will only happen to those who fully believe.

For things to progress, people should only be open to possibility. The moment they consider every mistake and hindrance that can occur, the more hesitant they become of the circumstance. This makes them doubtful, which will influence what they’ll do to achieve the things they want to achieve.

If Not You, Who?

The impossible will only become possible because of whoever attempts to do it. When an idea pops into people’s heads and causes them to question the possibility, they should remember nobody else will make it possible outside themselves.


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