Aliens in the Past: Were There Actual Ancient Astronauts?

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Some of the more enduring dreams of humanity is the idea of extraterrestrial beings visiting Earth. This has been the case ever since we could raise up our heads to the sky. The idea has captivated humankind for centuries. 

From ancient myths and legends to modern science fiction, stories of encounters with intelligent life from beyond the stars abound. But what if these old stories weren’t just fiction? What if they had some kernel of truth? 

The concept of aliens in the past, also known as ancient astronauts, proposes that extraterrestrials interacted with humans in our distant past. There is evidence of their visits in our cultures, religions, and even physical structures.

Aliens in the Past 

The appeal of actual aliens in the past is multifaceted. It speaks to our inherent curiosity about our place in the universe and the possibility of not being alone. It suggests that humanity may be partially responsible for its advancements. This raises long-standing questions about the origins of complex technologies, writing systems, and even our species—proponents of the theory point to various evidence to support their claims.

  • Ancient Texts and Art: Across the globe, ancient texts and artwork depict what some believe to be spaceships, alien beings, and celestial phenomena. From the Egyptian hieroglyphs to the Mayan codices, these interpretations suggest knowledge of astronomy and flight that may have been beyond the capabilities of these civilizations. 
  • Megalithic Structures: The colossal stone structures like the pyramids of Giza or Puma Punku in Tiwanaku, Bolivia, are seen by some as evidence of advanced technology or even extraterrestrial assistance in construction. The precise engineering and immense scale of these monuments are often cited as defying explanations with known building techniques of the time.  
  • Unexplained Artifacts: The discovery of artifacts like the Baghdad Battery or the Nazca Lines in Peru has fueled speculation about ancient civilizations possessing advanced technology potentially derived from extraterrestrial contact. Scholars continue to debate the purposes and functionalities of these artifacts, which have stumped modern ideas to this day.

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Actual Ancient Astronauts?

Despite the enthusiasm of proponents, the ancient astronaut theory faces significant challenges from the scientific community. Mainstream archaeologists and historians offer alternative explanations for the supposed evidence.  

Ancient art and texts are often symbolic or metaphorical, and interpretations through a modern lens can lead to misunderstandings. Astronomical knowledge could be explained by careful observation of the night sky, and artistic depictions may represent celestial bodies or religious figures.

Human ingenuity and perseverance should not be underestimated. The construction of megaliths is believed to have involved large workforces, specialized tools, and a deep understanding of engineering principles developed over time.  

There is no definitive archaeological or scientific proof to support the existence of ancient astronauts, and physical evidence of extraterrestrial technology or remains has never been found.

More to Talk About

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While the scientific community still needs to be convinced, the idea of ancient astronauts continues to capture the public imagination. Television shows, documentaries, and books explore the theory, keeping the debate alive. The concept has infiltrated popular culture, inspiring countless works of science fiction and influencing modern beliefs about UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

Regardless of its validity, the ancient astronaut theory has sparked interest in human history, archaeology, and astronomy. It encourages us to reconsider the achievements of ancient civilizations and the potential for human ingenuity. Whether extraterrestrials visited us in the past is a question that may never be definitively answered. 

However, the pursuit of knowledge and the exploration of humanity’s place in the universe remain endeavors worth continuing.

Aliens are a central theme in The Alien Stranger by Bob Ticer. While it does not say that there were aliens in the past, it does depict a modern world where extraterrestrials are hidden in the past. 


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