Satire For The Soul

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Satire for the Soul was crafted with readers in mind who find joy and humor in the midst of life’s challenges and complexities, embracing laughter as a remedy for the darkest moments.

Ron Ruthfield is a former reporter for a CBS-affiliated TV station, newsman for The Associated Press, communications executive, novelist, and satirist.  He grew up on Miami Beach where he attended South Beach Elementary School where he served as a distinguished member of the safety patrol in the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades and was awarded a special honor for allowing Dr. Stephen Hawking. He who became one of the world’s most foremost theoretical physicists and cosmologists, to cheat in class when he constantly looked at Mr. Ruthfield’s test papers.

Exploring America’s Challenges: Themes in Ruthfield’s Writing

Mr. Ruthfield is the author of the fact-based thriller, The Capital Underground which deals with America’s War on Drugs, the U.S. Witness Protection Program, and international money-laundering.  He makes his home in a happy hollow in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and every now and then walks around aimlessly pondering how he ever wound up becoming a hillbilly.

Satire for the Soul is one of a series of books which will have the same title but completely different content.  We hope you’ll begin a collection because they will be as important as your Family Bible, your diamonds and pearls, your financial legacy, all of which will go to your children, grandchildren and perhaps your ugly and avaricious cousins who constantly appear at your home at the very worst times like Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving and Christmas, and never help cleaning the table or washing the dishes.  Don’t even think about emailing them an invitation.      

A Humorous Take on the World’s Absurdities

Satire for the Soul is the first of a series of books with the same name that pokes sardonic fun at real and fictional places, politicians and elitists on an international, national, and local basis.  Current events are particularly notable in the book.  Nothing is out of bounds for the humorous mockery and lampoonery of not only the blowhard, high-brow and stiff-necked globalists but your average person who might even be your neighbor.  The author uses taboo and uncomfortable topics such as race, ethnicity, class, political systems, and illegal immigration.

Laughing Through the Chaos: Satirical Reflections on Current Events    

The writing of this satirical collection of essays began when COVID-19 hit the world, and the author had absolutely nothing better to do with his time except take advantage of current events.  So he began to scribe and laugh at the people running – and sometimes ruining – our lives for their own benefit and bank accounts. Using irony and exaggeration, Satire for the Soul was written particularly for those readers who love to laugh and smile at the world around them no matter how difficult or disturbing life might be. And the author dances with words as smooth as an Argentinian tango.

     The headlines for each essay are cleverly written to attract the reader and include such gems as A BUMP, A LUMP, A THUMP, A PUMP, AND A TRUMP; BROTHER CAN YOU SPARE A LIME; and INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT CHARGES HAMAS WITH USING INCORRECT PRONOUNS.  All with the intent of drawing the reader onto each and every page.

Coming soon! This incredible book (Satire For The Soul) will be available for purchase on May 1st. Mark your calendar and get ready to dive into its captivating pages! In the meantime, discover ‘The Capital Underground,’ a gripping tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Dive into its thrilling narrative now through this link.


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