Ravenscroft Manor

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Ravenscroft Manor ~ paranormal, witchcraft, demons and of course a dash of romance, is my eighth book, and my first stand-alone paranormal romance.

After the brutal murder of her entire family, eleven-year-old Matilda is left an orphan. In and out of foster homes, she spends her childhood investigating the paranormal and seeking out the truth behind her family’s murders, and where her ability to perform magic comes from. The main story begins eleven years later, when, after inheriting the old manor, Matilda decides it’s time for her to return home and face her past.  She hires Mike Toveneer and his contractors to renovate the old manor, but when weird things start happening in the manor, and Mike’s crew start disappearing, Matilda in convinced the demon has come back for her.

The closer Mike gets to Matilda, the more he falls in love with her.

A paranormal investigator himself, he is soon drawn into Matilda’s world of the paranormal. However, Mike has a secret of his own, a secret he desperately wants to share with Matilda, but fears she’s not yet ready to hear the truth. As the demon grows stronger, Mike and Matilda must face it together, they must uncover the truth to save themselves. Ravenscroft Manor is inspired by my hobby as a paranormal investigate, and I have my own family group called Destination Paranormal, with my husband, Paul and our grown-up children.

We have been on many ghost hunts and have been scared witless on many an investigation! 

My paranormal experiences started when I was young, and my interest and research into the paranormal, and all things weird and strange has increased over the years, and I’m sure I will write another story in this genre, maybe even another story about Matilda and Mike!

As with all my books, there is a part of myself and my life experiences within them, and I have wanted to write a paranormal story for several years. I love anything to do with magic, witchcraft, alternate worlds, ghosts, fairies and fantasy. The more I can use my imagination the better! Ravenscroft Manor is for anyone over 14, who loves the paranormal, with a dash of horror, witches, demons, and magic, with a slow burn romance and a strong character lead.

As well as Ravenscroft Manor, I have two romantic fantasy series, the first is called, The Twin Sword Prophecy, Prince of Malgar, part one and part two, Lost Kingdom, book two, and Fortress, book three. These books follow the story of Kainan and Arweyn’s epic quests, the books are full of magic, monsters, dragons, battles, and of course, romance between the two main characters.

The second is, Elvendon, which is a two-book series,

Her Protector, book one, and His Queen, book two.  Elvendon is about witches, magic, elves, quests, battles and a forbidden love between the two main characters, Kaitlin and Keltor.  The inspiration for these stories come from the times I spent as a child on my aunt’s farm in Surrey, where I would spend the school holidays with my cousin. We had an amazing farm and 36 acres of woodlands to play in, which just fuelled my imagination!

I have also written and released an adult romance called, Executive Decision, a contemporary romance about Jane; recently divorced from a violent marriage she is just out to have some fun when she meets Alex at a party, an upper-class brit with a smooth sexy accent who sweeps her off her feet. However, Jane’s life is turned upside down when Alex, her one-night stand, turns out to be her new boss! Romance, drama, action and a little bit of spice!

Next in the pipeline is a young adult fantasy about six teenagers who are swept into a world of fantasy magic! 

This book is inspired by two different times in my life, one, when I was in the Duke of Edinburgh when I was a teenager and went on hikes through the forests, and two, from a short story I wrote when I was about eleven years old. The combination of these two have turned into my new story to be called, The Six, and the Tower.

From a very young age I have loved creating and reading and would often sit up in an old apple tree in the garden and disappear into another world for hours. I’m also an artist, and love to paint, mostly nature inspired pieces, in bright, bold colours. My biggest wish is to be able to write and create full time as I have so many stories in my head, but not enough time to write them all! As I currently work full time for the NHS in mental health, I usually write or do my art in the early hours of the morning before work, or in the evenings and at weekends when I have free time. I’m also in the process of converting a van with my husband into a camper so we can go off and have more adventures, which will hopefully inspire even more stories!

The most amazing feeling is when a reader messages me about how much they loved one of my stories, or receiving a great comment, and a five-star review.

I have some amazing emails, and comments, and I often look back on them if I am feeling a little deflated or wondering why I do what I do, even though I know I couldn’t stop writing, even if I were the only one who ever read them!  As for the future, I hope to pull myself from obscurity and hit the mainstream sales, earn a living from writing, and have many readers enjoy my stories.

You can contact me via my website, where there are also links to my books on Amazon.

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