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Hey Author’s Lounge, P.S. just released August 8, 2023! Book three of the Fates & Mates is available at all major distributors, for readers who like a spicy paranormal romance read!

The Native Americans believe that everyone you meet you meet for a reason. There are no accidents, no coincidences. Sometimes it’s simply to brighten your day, other times it may be a bit more complex but always there is a purpose.

Just like Lyssia, most of us evolve as we experience life. We meet people who broaden our perspectives, maybe push us outside our comfort zones, and challenge us to become better versions of ourselves. But only if we allow it. Only if we are open to it. These people though, who may feel like challenges in the moment, often are revealed as blessings if we choose to see the benefit in the transformation. If we have indeed become a better version of ourselves. That is how P.S. was born. As in my other books P.S.’s characters take on traits and personalities from people I know or have known, people who have added value to my life, either as a lesson or a blessing. Sometimes they have been both.

In P.S. you will see Lyssia’s transformation from what everyone around her expects her to be, to what her true essence is. As she learns to embrace her true feminine desires, she grapples with how to balance both her role as a leader and as a woman. She learns that embracing her Divine Feminine is the way to realizing her true powers and by stepping into those powers she is able to realize her soul’s purpose. A purpose that includes her mirror soul. Her twin flame. A rogue Dom Alpha Lycan from down under who is bound to her energetically through their shared soul. A whirlwind sexcation that starts as a security detail consumes them both until the imminent danger subsides and reality sets in. Unfortunately, as the Divine Masculine, he is not as quick to embark on the soul’s journey, catapulting them both into dark nights of the soul and wreaking havoc in their lives.

I hope readers will relate to Lyssia’s transformation and be emboldened to step into their power. To be their authentic self and to delve deep within to contemplate whether they are on a path that is true to their soul. I want to introduce them to new ideas and ways of thinking. And for readers to consider the boundaries they or others have placed on them that may have restricted their growth. I hope they enjoy the tour around Chicago and Scotland, and that it inspires them to explore new places and make new memories.

P.S. required me to do much more research than any of my previous books in the Fates & Mates series. Because the characters were “on the run” there were locations both domestic and abroad. They found themselves in Chicago and Scotland. In addition to the Australian dialect that the hero had I also had characters that had Scottish dialect for their time in Scotland. Because of their need to move around a lot to stay off the radar, there was quite a bit of sightseeing requiring even more research into the sights in both locations, and of course, I had to have a paranormal spin on all of it!

The epilogue is posted on my Patreon page and is a story in and of itself. It is based on Lyssia’s deepest and darkest fantasy revealed to Scott during their time in Scotland and takes place at a sex club, Eyz Wide Shut in Tampa, Florida. More research! You’ll have to read my epilogue for the details on that but at over 10,000 words I’m confident you won’t be disappointed. www.patreon.com/charleysw0rld

Not only is P.S. my most research-intensive book, but it is also my most INTENSE book as far as spice goes. So fair warning if BDSM and explicit sexual scenes are not your thing, this book is not for you. There’s a reason I released it during the hottest month of the year!

The playlist for P.S. can also be found on my link tree along with all my other links to keep you up to date on all the happenings. www.linktr.ee/charleysworld

Book four’ was launched on Vella! Book five’s cover is already done. The public reveal will be at my next book signing at Books on the Beach in St. Petersburg, Florida Sept. 20-24, 2023. Of course, Patreon subscribers will see it first. Plus, I now have a podcast! You can find me on Apple, Spotify, and Amazon under Charley’s World!

As always thanks for reading!

Sending Love & Light ~ Charley

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