My Theory of Evolution: Life with Meaning

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My Theory of Evolution : Life with Meaning book is about my life and my theories behind life.  I wrote about my past and present and the good times I have had with friends and families.  I have full proof behind my theories and I talked about different subjects that will relate to the general population. 

I wrote about songs and my definition of the meaning behind them.   I also wrote about certain news articles that I thought would interest people. I have love stories in their and about my girlfriend behind clever and being a rebel, along with me.  I also wrote about conspiracies and the good and bad that happened in my life because of bad people doing bad things to me.  I also talked about children and dogs in my Book.  I talked about my own weird and sports science and how it relates to the professional ranks.

My Theory of Evolution: Life with Meaning : Inspiration from Loved Ones

The thing that inspired me to write a book was my friends and family and my girlfriend and wanted people to know my story.  I have become more famous and I wanted more people to understand more about the world.  I wanted to make fortune and fame, as well.  To add to this, writing a book was a process and inspiration did start in 2017, even though it was finally released in 2022.  My mom was a big inspiration as she said I can write my book in my house and I did not have to go to Hollywood to write my book.  My current girlfriend was pushing me so hard and two other girls that I know to get my first book released as soon as possible.  Inspiration was a great motivation to write.

Educational Value for Children

My target audience for my book is to reach anyone between the ages of 6-80.  My book can be read my anyone of any gender or race.  I wanted to get my book in book stores but this is gong to take some time.  I also wanted to reach as many people on social media to spread the word on my book.  My target audience can include anyone from those ages and also anyone who has inspiration to learn more about the world.  My target audience can include anyone from Hollywood or Professional Athletes that want to know more about my life.  I can include children because there are things in my book that I want children to learn. 

I hope readers can get a lot out of my book.  I want them to be smarter and learn more about the world.  These are my own personal theories and they work.  I want readers to laugh and enjoy my book.  I want readers to read cover to cover as if I am reading a book that I buy.  Readers should want to enjoy my book and have positive feedback.  I wanted to reach the masses with my book and hope that as many people as possible understand my story.

Future Goals and Aspirations

My future goals and plans is to have a movie series for my first three books.  My third book should be released in the next 4-6 months and maybe it could turn out like the Maze Runner or something like that.  My future is to have book after book released every year and also provide income for myself and my family.  I have 17 books on my computer for my future and my third one, as I mentioned, will be released soon.  I want to become a credible author and even a best seller at some point.

More about myself includes living in New York and also having two sisters and two parents.  I have close friends, which I have remained in contact with.  I love sports and accounting but I have also learned more about the world.  I have so many connections in this world and I love people.  I love to workout and I also love to read books.  I am smart and nice and cherish life so much!

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