Marianna Albritton on Putting God First in Our Lives

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Marianna Albritton reaffirms why putting God first in everything that we do will bring us success and fulfillment.

We have just entered another year, and the world is still dealing with the great pandemic. All around us, there is unrest, anxiety, instability, hatred, delusions, and almost every negative feeling getting a tight hold on most families and communities. In times like these, it’s easier to forget God’s good graces. In times like these, it’s easy to be selfish and not be grateful. In times like these, it’s easier to question the wisdom of God. However, during these times, we are invited to reconnect ourselves with God and commune with Him once more. In times of crisis and hardships, we need His guidance, and only by trusting in His ways can we see everyday miracles that will see us through even the most difficult of days.

Marianna Albritton, author of the inspirational book Come Climb Toward God: Are You Hungry for God? believes we all need spiritual healing and to build a more meaningful relationship with the Lord. However, with all the hustle and bustle around us, we are distracted from feeling the need to. We are always busy with our daily chores- going to school, reporting for work, finding food for the table, pleasing our co-workers and bosses, and acquiring superficial and material achievements. We forget about finding focus and clarity with God is quintessential. Albritton reminds us that by putting God first in everything we do and submitting to His guidance, we can actually achieve great things and free ourselves from a toxic existence. Of course, putting God first in everything we do may be different for each of us. Some find spirituality in prayer and mass, some commune with God through personal conversations or reading the scriptures. Some speak with God in silence and meditation. Others build a relationship with God through helping other people and doing good deeds. Whatever it is, communing with God provides healthy benefits for us. In a blog article which she wrote last year entitled 5 Reasons Why It is Important to Put God First Every Step of the Way, Marianna Albritton discussed these benefits. The reasons are as follows:

“Makes your journey worthwhile.”

In her article, Albritton notes that we all have different paths in life. For some, it can be a straight path, while life may be bumpy and challenging for others. But all the same, life will always present us with obstacles and trials. The road to overcoming these challenges and living a good life starts with surrendering to God all our fears and worries. By doing so, we not only have a company in our journey, but it also makes our adventure in life worth celebrating in the end.

“Helps you make better choices.”

This is consistent with the idea that if we put God first and ask for his guidance, we can come to a sound conclusion and clarity. By having a clear mind, we can focus on what we really need and want in life. The focus will determine our reality. This is also true with Matthew 6:33, which says, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Kingdom can also mean the wisdom and grace of God. Asking for his wisdom and grace will help us make sound decisions in life.

“Protects you from all temptations.”

In this particular item, Albritton discussed how the world is full of temptations and selfish interests. They come in various forms and sizes (“…peer pressure, bad habits, vices, money, and more”). It is only through God’s protection that we can avoid these temptations and negative vibes. Albritton also reminded readers that if we stay away from God, there is a high possibility that we will stumble and give in to temptations.

“Gives you enlightenment.”

The fourth reason, according to Albritton, is based on seeking enlightenment in God. When we subscribe to God’s reason and wisdom, whatever we do, we do it free from ignorance, unawareness, and deception. In these times of doubt, malice, hatred, and self-serving interests, it’s easy to be insincere and be careless. If we are enlightened, we can go on with our everyday tasks knowing that we are doing the right things and in accordance with God’s ways.

“Molds you into a better person.”

While this can be self-explanatory, Marianna Albritton reminds us the putting God first in our lives not only means molding us into better individuals. She shares that by being closer to God, we can also become happier individuals free of worries and living a more peaceful and fulfilled life. She notes that there are many testimonies to prove God’s goodness and grace. Putting God in the center of our lives allows us to be better versions of ourselves.

Overall, these reasons are constant reminders of what building a strong relationship with God can do for us. Marianna Albritton’s work can elaborate more on God’s importance in our lives.

To know more about Marianna Albritton and her works, purchase a copy of her book Come Climb Toward God, or visit her website today.


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