Book Feature: Hearts-Ease: The Beautiful Truth by Lynn Roberson

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Hearts-Ease: The Beautiful Truth by Lynn Roberson is a collection of delightful stories, humor, and wisdom. This will inspire us to build a more meaningful relationship with God.

ReadersMagnet features Lynn Roberson’s latest work, Hearts-Ease: The Beautiful Truth. It is her lone non-fiction work. The author hopes to share this compilation of personal stories with others for inspiration and reflection.

Hearts-Ease: The Beautiful Truth by Lynn Roberson

“Come unto Me, all ye who labor and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn of Me, for I am gentle and humble of heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”

Matthew 11:28.

Hearts-Ease: The Beautiful Truth by Lynn Roberson is an inspirational book published in March 2020. It features a compilation of true stories, funny anecdotes, and inspiring words to comfort weary people who need God’s graces. 

Hearts-Ease: The Beautiful Truth acknowledges that although we walk different paths in life, humans share many emotions, including pain, heartaches and failures. Though we face different challenges, trials, and frustrations, we all need time to heal. But only God heals us, whatever the cause of our loneliness and hurt. Through Him, we can heal and find our way back into life and all its beauty and joy. Lyn Roberson’s book teaches us that easing our hearts and finding serenity and peace of mind need not be difficult. By trusting our souls to God and his miracles, we can journey to forgiveness, healing, and happiness. 

Hearts-Ease: The Beautiful Truth is praised by several pastors and those in Bible study. For them, Lynn Roberson’s stories and writing style are perfect for re-introducing God to many young people. By combining true stories, hopes, and even funny anecdotes, Hearts-Ease can communicate well with its readers, providing comfort, enlightenment, and entertainment. Above all, the stories featured in the book can pinpoint certain realities in our lives and joyfully remind us that we can have peace, contentment, and true happiness only through God. Hearts-Ease: The Beautiful Truth by Lynn Roberson is an excellent gift for all modern Christians out there.

Other Published Works by Lynn Robinson

A Golden Rain

A Golden Rain is Lynn Roberson’s first novel. It took her twenty years to finish and publish the work, a family drama about two siblings dealing with an aunt’s revelation. Abby, their father’s sister, revealed a dark family secret. The discovery could not come at a more trying time in their lives- their father suffered a heart attack. A Golden Rain is a story of family, healing, and redemption. The story is set in the summer of 1962 (her other novel, Magnolia Weeping, is also set in the same year). According to Roberson, the characters and places in these novels are as real to her as any real-life people.  

Magnolia Weeping

Magnolia Weeping is another family drama by Lynn Roberson. Like her debut novel, it took about twenty years for Roberson to finally finish the manuscript, which has evolved over the years. The story centers on an ex-convict named Reuben Burnett, who wants to reunite with his family after serving prison. Although his father refuses to take him back, he eventually allows the young son to come home. However, just as the family is healing, Reuben’s old crime associates find him and want him to assist in their next planned robbery.

About the Author

Lynn Roberson is a writer, poet, and artist. In 1974, Lynn graduated Bachelor of Arts from Converse College in South Carolina. In college, she co-edited the literary magazine Concept and won the Helmus Poetry Award and the Lykes Short Story Award. Lynn was named one of twelve Converse Scholars in her senior year. Aside from her published book, Lynn Roberson has a private collection of short stories. She also has a collection of poems she illustrated in watercolor, beginning in her early teens.


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