Mariah by Allaina Maria

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Mariah Janae Worthy, also known as “Pretty Riah”, had a life most girls dreamed of. She appeared to be almost perfect in every way. Mariah was a beautiful, educated pure soul with a kind heart. She eventually married Keith, the man of her dreams.

Mariah always lived her fairytale life through rose-colored glasses. She lived a perfectly manicured life. After the death of her father, her world turned upside down. Mariah’s marriage was the first piece of her life’s puzzle to crumble.

Her sweet dreams swiftly turned into ugly nightmares. She had to face the fact that pretty hurts. Mariah had to reach deep within herself and find the strength to fight for her sanity. She unlocked a side of herself she did not know she had. “Pretty Riah” had to make some ugly choices. She decided when life went low, she would go even lower.

My inspiration to start writing in general was grief.

In December of 2022, my uncle, Darryl Ford Dr passed away. I was grief stricken. I am a single mom with two girls who needed me to be present, even though I was grieving. I needed a place to put my pain. I have written and had songs published but never a book.

January 7th, with tear-stained eyes, I sat on my couch and the story of “Mariah” came to mind. I put my pen to paper and let it flow. As a result, my first debut urban fiction novel, “Mariah” was born. I self-published my debut novel, ‘Mariah’ six months later in June 2023.

My target audience is everyone. I feel all readers can enjoy the twists and turns found in the novel.

This book entails some true-life trauma situations. Rather they dealt with them directly or indirectly. “Mariah” could be our cousin, niece, friend, or some may find themselves in this story. Many have secrets that they rather not tell.

“Mariah” is the story about facades and how one deals with the mirror reflection of their truths, no matter how ugly they are. Also, “Mariah” shows the extreme actions of revenge fueled by hurt.

I hope readers are entertained first. A book is a place you can go into your imagination and exist with the characters.

I also hope the readers take inventory of their choices if/when faced with some of the challenges Mariah dealt with throughout her life. This book serves as a reminder that putting yourself first is a necessary choice.

I am a native of Daytona Beach, Florida and the mother of two daughters who fuel my everyday life.

I have always had a love for the arts. I dubbed myself a 360 author as I write Urban Fiction, Journals, Poetry, Science Fiction, Self Help and Children’s Books. Urban Fiction novels coming soon, “Fat Baby”, “Mariah II- Retribution”, and “Olive Oil”. Sci-Fi novel, “Soul Jumper”, poetry book, “Beauty for Ashes”, and Self-help journal, Sticks and Stones” are soon to be released. Allaina also travels and speaks while spreading her message of Empowerment and Becoming.


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