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 Are you in the midst of a crisis or extreme difficulty that is consuming your soul?

Are you experiencing more heartache and pain than you thought you could ever possibly bear?

Are there days you can’t see beyond the immediate moment you hurt that much?

Are you struggling with doubts of your worth?

How do you live within those circumstances and not surrender or succumb to them, especially knowing they may be there for a long time? How do you keep from wanting to just give up?

God has the answers for each of us in the calming Truth of His Word. It is His Truth which gives us calm in the midst of our storm. It is in His Word that we find quiet for the anguish in our soul. Walk with me on my journey with God to see how He used His Word to very specifically carry me through the anguish in my soul after the loss of a thirty-year marriage. Join me as I let you into my heartache and pain to see how God and His Word enabled me to survive one step at a time. You will see how you, too, are able to survive your heartache and pain as God’s Word quiets the anguish in your soul, bringing calm to your storm as it has mine.


My relationship to God has been the firm foundation of my life. He has used His words in the Bible to teach me of Himself, to guide me along the path of my life, to give me strength when I am overwhelmed, and to comfort me in the heartache and pain. In it, He has shown me how to live life with Him. I have had over two decades of bible study in Bible Study Fellowship and Precept Ministries, as well as many other bible studies based on God’s truth in His Word. Through the years, I have experienced the immeasurable value of consistently reading and studying God’s Word. I have seen my relationship with God grow deeper, receiving His strong support and guidance for living my life out of a relationship with Him. I have seen how much God wants to meet me in every area of my life for personal growth and ministry. His Word reveals the calming Truth that quieted the anguish in my soul after the painful loss of my thirty-year marriage when my husband left me for his affair. The pain is, of course, excruciating. The consequences to me, my family, and friends are heartbreaking. Yet, through it all, I knew that God had a plan to bring me to a place of peace and contentment. I knew that He would give me fountains full of truth from which to draw to keep me from surrendering to the tragedy that had shattered my heart. These truths are found in His Word. It is my prayer that the reader will clearly see how God specifically used His Word to quiet the anguish in my soul as God drew me ever closer to Himself. I pray that the reader will be drawn to focus on God and His Word for His strong support to accomplish the work He wants to do in their own life. God will bring us through difficult, heartrending situations to a place of quiet contentment in His plan for each of our lives. He enables us to keep from giving up when our heart is shattered or our lives are devastated. I know that God has His hand on Calming Truth, God’s Word Quiets the Anguish in Our Soul. He clearly led me daily through the process of writing, and continues to affirm this part of His purpose for my life. “The eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His” (2 Chronicles 16:9). God wants to strongly support you and me, to be our foundation, to carry us through our heartache and pain, and to use His Word to accomplish the work He wants to do in each of our lives.

God’s blessings, Karen


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