Journey with God: Developing a Relationship 

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One’s journey with God is magical. Its power comes from a supernatural source beyond the realm of science. People ask if a regular person can have supernatural powers. I regret to say superpowers are innate. 

For example, let us Take Superman; he got his powers because he is a Kryptonian. He has super strength, speed, and senses, and he does not get hurt. He is resistant to fire firearms and heavy artillery.

But the magic in a relationship is not inherent. Relationships are built. It becomes magical when we realize the truth about ourselves. We become ourselves because of the relationship. It is the beginning of a journey with God, one of love that grows beyond our present level of understanding that makes us grow. 

In a relationship, your partner not only accepts you for who you are but accepts the way you are. The best partner in a relationship is the one who inspires you to be the best version of yourself.   

A Relationship is free

You don’t have to buy a relationship. It is something genuine and something you share. It is free of charge when you give trust, respect, care, and admiration. Commitment plays a vital role in a relationship because you are open and honest and deeply trust each other.

A Relationship with God.

A relationship with God is just like a relationship with anybody in our life. It is filled with solidarity, trust, and love between you and the Almighty God. It is to know Him and to be known by Him. Reading the Bible is the best way to get to know him throughout our journey with God. It shows the character of God and His revelation to humanity.   

Let us strengthen our relationship with God.

Pray to the Lord. Humble yourself in the presence of the Lord. Talk to Him just like you talk with your family and friends. Thank God for all your blessings. Ask God for His guidance and tell Him about your struggles and concerns.

Read the Bible.

The Bible is like a storybook. It has a plot, setting, characters, and story. Discover a story book about relationship with God and make your life worthwhile. It may take a little time to understand the Bible. Just read it in light of the context of the whole paragraph to get the meaning of the entire verse.

Join prayer groups. Meet with a community of believers. You will share your personal experiences with the Lord and vice versa with the group. 

By sharing their experiences, you will feel better. It lightens the load you are carrying. It gives you a sense of assurance that you are all guided by the Almighty Father. Help others through your talents. The Lord gave us different abilities to share with our fellowmen. God loves His children and all His creation. Therefore in helping others, we will make Him happy.

Stay close to God.

Spend time with the Lord. Talk to Him freely at any time and on any day. Trust Him with all your heart. You can share your secrets with Him.

The Lord will laugh with you but never at you. He will cry with you but never because of you. God listens to you when you are in trouble. He understands you even if you are wrong. When you are mistaken, He will show you forgiveness.

There are times when we are hesitant to talk to God for fear that we sound stupid. Do not worry because, in the eyes of the Lord, we are His children. He will understand because He loves us. God is happy when we share our life with Him. He loves having a deep relationship with Him.

Trust God.

Trust God that He will protect you. Depend on God because He has the power that you can rely on. Be patient, for God will help you in His time. Have faith that He is with you every step of the way.  

There are times that we lose hope, pray, and He will comfort us. Believe in God’s providence because everything comes from God and belongs to God. God has a purpose for you. Find your purpose. Make a mark in this world given by the Lord.    

Work your way into the relationship of the Lord. 

There is no perfect relationship. There are times when we are happy and content. Other times, we feel neglected and betrayed. God never abandons us. We lean on His promise that He will never leave us. Sometimes we fall short of our faith in God. We feel disappointed and frustrated.   

That is why we ask why. 

The scriptures of the Bible tell us that if you decide to follow the Lord, He will always walk with us and protect us. However, we feel alone when we are at the lowest and saddest times of our lives. We tend to forget our relationship with the Lord. 

Have confidence in God’s footprint. 

Our relationship with God knows no boundaries or distance and is limitless. Strong relationships do not break down. A famous poem, “Footprints in the Sand,” gives us a sense of hope. It was explained in the poem that was only one set of footprints. Throughout your journey with God, he will never forsake you or desert you during your times of trouble. There was only one footprint in the sand because God carried you.

The strength of God is not in the power of His arms. It is in love with which He embraces. 


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