Book Feature: Hosea The Prophet Who Married a Prostitute by Joseph Descans

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Hosea is one of the most controversial figures in the Bible, and in Joseph Descans’ book, he offers a modern twist to the age-old tale in this Biblical fiction.

Hosea: The Prophet Who Married a Prostitute revolves around the same premise as its predecessor in the Bible. But this time, Hosea has become a wealthy contemporary and ends up marrying Candace, who happens to be a prostitute. Readers are then taken on a rollercoaster ride as they follow the couple’s journey of romance, faith, and love for God.

A couple more nuances are tied to the book, which we will discuss today.

What is the Book All About?

The story of Hosea is among the most controversial stories we can find in the Bible. What makes Hosea: The Prophet Who Married a Prostitute different is that it is a modern reading of the story revolving around Hosea (the prophet) and his wife, Gomer.

In the book, Candace replaces Gomer, but the character is the same. Candace eventually falls to temptation, which leads her to chase “freedom” in what she thought were greener pastures. This would’ve caused much pain for Hosea, but his love for his wife is more significant than the agony of betrayal.

Author Joseph Descans wrote the book with the central being: “Would a relationship between a prophet and a prostitute succeed with God’s direction?” Readers will slowly find the answer to this question as the book pans its 29 chapters on each page.

What Can the Readers Take Away from Hosea and Candace’s Story?

Originally, the Bible’s tale of Hosea the Prophet was a metaphor for God’s love for His people. Gomer’s betrayal and adultery served as a representation of humanity’s propensity to fall for temptations. Hosea’s relentless love shines despite what his wife did, the same way God will continue to love us despite our faults.

Joseph Descans aim is for modern readers to take away the same message of love. He wants readers to know that God’s love hasn’t changed in the contemporary setting. God’s grace and love remain patient and gentle, allowing us to learn from our mistakes.

This beautiful story shows readers the needed love lessons, obedience, and forgiveness to thrive in a relationship. Putting God in the center is also required for any intimate bond to flourish. Without God, we would all be lost and fall to the many temptations in this world.

Excerpts from Joseph Descans’ Modern Tale of Hosea the Prophet

We can expect some short yet enticing excerpts from Joseph’s brilliant book. Thanks to the complexity and richness of the original story, Joseph crafts an excellent narrative fit for the modern audience. Here are three lines that you will find in the book:

• P 131. The bob-lady’s voice chimed into her thoughts unexpectedly, “You just lost your freedom.” She jingled.

• P 208. She looked down at the baby again and quivered as she lifted him up to the ticket lady who reached out over the counter to take him.

• P 187. She was only there for a minute before she felt a sharp pull on her hair, jerking her head back, and she heard a low, slow, familiar voice speaking straight into her ear.

A Story Worth Your Time

God is always giving us unique gifts, and Joseph Descans’s gift is to tell stories like the one in his book Hosea: The Prophet Who Married a Prostitute. It’s a book that lets people witness God’s love for everyone. A book that captures the unconditional and limitless love that God has for us.

Visit Joseph Descans website by clicking here and get a copy of his book today!


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